That was a hot week! Hopefully you all had working air conditioning. It was a regular productive and informative week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. Monday's show was about how to pack your gear into a carry-on bag that actually fits in the overhead compartment. If you are someone who travels with your equipment, and don't like checking it, then you should definitely watch this Photo Moment. On Tuesday, Joseph answered a viewer's question about buying a starter micro four thirds kit for under $1K. Those who constantly tune in to the live show know what Joseph has been having a lot of fun with his DJI Spark drone. Wednesday's show was all about how Joseph solved an issue with the embedded audio. On Thursday, PhotoJoseph showed off the Manfrotto Nitrotech N8 video head for the last time, (sadly, we had to send it back to B&H later that day), and combined it with the Panasonic Leica 100-400mm. And to end the week, Friday's show was about the DJI Spark. Joseph took the drone down near the train tracks to show us how the panorama mode works. 

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We've all been there... your camera gear carry-on bag gets a little overstuffed and won't fit on the overhead bin on that small plane you just boarded. You aren't willing to put it in the hold, and the flight attendant is giving you the evil eye. What's a photographer to do?!

A viewer wrote in asking for the best starting budget MFT/M43 setup for under $1,000. Their requirements were: Interchangeable lens, Rangefinder (non-dSLR) form factor, For urban, travel, and amateur portraiture, and Approx. $1,000 budget

I shot a little video on my Spark but didn't have the memory card installed, so had to rely on the cached 720p footage. Unfortunately removing the audio was a freaking nightmare!!!!! But I finally figured it out.

This is our last look at the Nitrotech N8 Video Head before it has to go back to B&H. This time I've paired it with the Panasonic Leica 100-400mm lens on a LUMIX GH5 for some long pans. Let's see how it does!

Normally, Friday is called Mevo Friday, but seeing as it's actually through the VidiU, the Luma USB router and the DJI Spark, we can't quite call it that. It's another installment of PhotoJoseph's Drone Adventures. The DJI Spark now has a panorama mode. Let's see how it works, shall we?