I don't normally like to repeat the way I open this blurb every week, but WOW this was a hot week! We began it with some fantastic news. The GH5 Training Course is truly finally complete and available in its entirety at GH5Training.com! Monday's show was all about that, plus talking about which lens is best for interviews. Moving on to Tuesday, Joseph not only made his custom GH5 settings available to everyone, (available for download on the GH5 Training site), but he walked through it live. Wednesday's show was an unboxing of the Epiphan Webcaster X2. We're looking forward to testing it out to see how it performs. On Thursday, we were shown how LUMIX cameras are able to grab stills while shooting video. And finally, on Friday, Joseph talked through an issue we're trying to solve with audio being out of sync when streaming through the DJI Spark. We hope you all have a great weekend

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That's right, it's done!! The final video was rendered last night, and will get uploaded today. So let's have a look at a few of the vids, talk about the course a bit, and see what you might not yet know about it!

In today's Photo Moment, we'll explore my personal GH5 settings. I'll explain my thinking behind every option I set up, and you can even download my file from http://photojoseph.com/GH5

We'll be unboxing the Epiphan X2 and I'll share the final (?) notes on the scammer case with you.

You knew that LUMIX cameras can shoot both still photos and video... and get stills from a video... but did you know that you can shoot them *at the same time*?! It's a great way to get a frame grab while shooting video! Watch this to learn how!
In the technology world, things don't always go as planned. Sometimes you think you have found the solution... and then find out you're just as far away from the answer as when you started. Nobody likes it when audio is out of sync, so we're looking for a solution.