Well, we warned you last week that PhotoJoseph was going out of town… out of state… out of country. He is in Sweden right now, enjoying his vacation with his kids. It was a light content week. There's not a whole lot to talk about. We had one live show on Monday where Joseph showed us what gear he was taking with him on the trip. And then on Tuesday we had a pre-recorded video ready for release all about how to use the Epiphan Webcaster X2 for both Facebook and YouTube. Then, due to travel schedules, there just wasn't time (or energy when factoring in a 10-hour bus ride, an 11-hour flight, and jet lag). 

PhotoJoseph is going on vacation and packing his camera bag for Sweden. How much would you take with you if you were flying half the world away? Joseph shares his thought process about packing his photography gear for travel.

Wondering how to configure the Epiphan Webcaster X2? PhotoJoseph will take you through how to do it for both YouTube and for Facebook. Joseph is on the road for his vacation, (or in the air, depending on when you see this), so we are coming to you pre-recorded today.

But that doesn't mean we'll keep this post scant of content. First of all, we would like to bring your attention to one of last week's videos about the Solar Eclipse that is happening in North America this coming Monday. It is full of information and experiential insight from photographer/videographer Jason McMurray. If you are planning on shooting it, then you should listen for the tips (because the part about preparation is probably something you've already done). Second, there's a useful app called PhotoPills that can help you set up your shot when you get to your location. And finally, here are some shots from Joseph's vacation so far, (as well as the main image).

We hope everyone has a great weekend. And always remember, you can catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.

Photographer Jason McMurry takes us through his insights into shooting Astrophotography (the Aurora Borealis, stars, milky way, the moon, etc) and shares his tips on how to photograph the total solar eclipse in Oregon coming up August 2017! (Skip to 21:03 if all you want is info on the eclipse).
Calculating long exposures, sun, moon and star positions, or even the date and time to be somewhere for that perfect shot can be a real headache. Fortunately, we have the photo app your medicine - PhotoPills. One little PhotoPill will clear your head and help you make legendary photos.