This week, we take a first look at RAW shooting on the iPhone using Lightroom Mobile… have a great conversation / interview with photographer Christopher Briscoe… go behind the scenes on the LUMIX LX10 spot we did… learn about the wide variety of lenses photographers use… and hear about my first week with the iPhone 7 Plus!

PhotoJoseph explores the features of the iPhone 7 Plus camera with dual lenses and RAW capture!
Christopher Briscoe is a renowned photographer in the Ashland area specializing in portrait photography. This Photo Moment features Chris in a conversation about portraiture, using apps in place of Photoshop, traveling, and the elusive art of instagram.
Remember when the team journeyed to San Francisco for a weekend of shooting a Lumix camera commercial for Panasonic? Well HERE is the commercial! In this Photo Moment, PhotoJoseph takes us behind the scenes of the shoot.
Why do photographers have SO MANY Lenses? In this Photo Moment, PhotoJoseph answers that question and so much more.
Join me as I share my impressions on the iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 10 after the first week of using it. Spoiler alert... I love it! But not everything works as advertised. (Apologies for the low quality... my VidiU failed to record so I had to download the Facebook Live "HD" video...