Oh Man! We were busy! We kicked off the week with a Q&A show, and broke it out into separate segments after, (though, one had to be pulled, there is a replacement video explaining why). Best thing to do is watch them in sequence. The end screen of the first leads to the next in the sequence, and so on. Tuesday was a fun day. You may have heard that Apple is coming out with new versions of the iPhone (8 & X). PhotoJoseph watched the stream live and gave his reactions and commentary during it, to some of our viewer's dismay (Hey, we tried to tell them what was up). Unfortunately, our version of the stream was banned worldwide after it ended, due to copyright issues with music and video. Luckily the post-event commentary still exists for you to watch. Wednesday's show began a new weekly segment on the PhotoJoseph channel where Joseph talks about all the new goings-on in the world of photography/videography/related tech and trends… and it was a good week to start with considering the previous day's announcement. On Thursday, Joseph illuminated us to a cheap lighting option using LED bulbs. And Finally, on Friday, PhotoJoseph held a live AMA where he answered only questions from the live audience.

Time to answer a few of those lingering questions from the comments... we begin with a few shorter answers.

Well THAT was a lot of fun! I liveblogged the Special Event (iPhone 8 / iPhone X launch) MST3K style. As expected that video has been blocked on YouTube (copyright infringement on the music) but that's OK, here's the post-show commentary!

This is the first "podcast" style episode, where we'll be talking news in the world of photography. Today's topics are: ** iPhone 8 & iPhone X Cameras ** People burning holes in their cameras during the eclipse ** DJI's updated quieter, longer-lasting Mavic drone

You can't really have a photo studio without lighting. That's the whole meaning of the word "photo". Could these LEDs be the cheapest way to get studio lighting?

Today's an AMA show... basically, an extended commentary. What do YOU want to talk about? Topics included the iPhone 8 or X, GH5 V-Log, and Final Cut Pro X and other video editing programs.

Also, if you didn't know, PhotoJoseph Studios is running a contest! You're probably familiar with PhotoJoseph's GH5 Training Course at this point (a $100 complete comprehensive 5 1/2 hour video training tutorial on everything involved in using the LUMIX GH5). We're putting 10 downloadable copies of that on the table for some lucky subscribers to win!

Now, you might be saying "But I already bought the training 😭." No worries. You actually have a choice in your prize if you are one of the 10 lucky winners! If you already bought the training course, you can opt for a One-Year Subscription to PhotoJoseph's site, PhotoApps.Expert. This option grants you access to all past, present, and future Live Training sessions. If you've been looking for a photo editing program that isn't Photoshop, then this option is full of tutorials to help you learn new programs such as Affinity Photo, Snapseed, Macphun Luminar, and more!

Just click the picture below to go to the contest page and follow the steps. Follow ALL of the steps and gain 14 entries to help you win. Good Luck! 

And there are a few more things to call attention to. First, PhotoJoseph appeared on the PPN Podcast and answered many questions from their international audience. You can find that and give it a listen by clicking on the image below.

Second, Joseph will be making some live appearances at the end of this month in California

  1. IBM Webinar With PhotoJoseph - Sept 28th, 11am PT on Pro Live Streaming Tips, from Cameras to Encoders 
  2. Samy's Camera Fairfax In-Store Event - Sept 29th, 12-4pm on the GH5 Firmware V.2 (Event Page Not Yet Updated)
  3. ImageOne Live Broadcast with PhotoJoseph - Sept 30th, 9-12pm PT on the Technology Behind the GH5 Firmware Update

We hope everyone has a great weekend. And always remember, you can catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.