Here at PhotoJoseph Studios, we kicked off the week with a Photo Moment about Joseph's "Sculpture Series", a fine-art photography print series of black and white nudes made to resemble statues. 

Tuesday and Thursday were the days of answering viewer questions, with Joseph thoughtfully approaching the questions "Why Mirrorless?" and "What is in-camera focus stacking, and how do you use it?" In these videos, PhotoJoseph gives mirrorless camera recommendations, camera setting tips and more. 

PhotoJoseph discusses his "Sculpture Series", a photography print collection of black and white nudes made to resemble statues, printed on high-quality thick sheets of acrylic.
People have asked: Why Mirrorless? In this video, PhotoJoseph addresses why both amateurs and professionals choose mirrorless and compares the features of a few of his favorite quality mirrorless cameras.

Today's Photo Moment... let's have a look at the new in-camera FOCUS STACKING feature on the GX85!