Our little spot in Oregon went from almost no clouds in the sky to days of overcast skies and intermittent rain. Do I sound like I'm complaining? I'm not! We desperately needed it so that nothing else near us/down wind of us catches on fire. We were drowning in smoke! Luckily that seems to have abated for the time being… though, so has the warmth. Autumn escalated quickly! The Photo Moments weren't hindered at all because of that though. On Monday, PhotoJoseph answered your questions in a Q&A show. Straight forward and to the point. Let's move on. We had such big plans for Tuesday… but they got shot. It was going to be a case of two things at once, but we had to scrap it just before the show went live. What was supposed to be testing the Mactrem 2-in-1 macro lens adapter for a cell phone in 1080 60p turned into just testing the lens. Apparently, more hardware is needed for the broadcast studio. (we did find a little workaround for it with the epiphan AV.io… after the show of course). So we continued our setup renovations into Wednesday, still with some needed tweaks. Wednesday's show was all about the new features in the iOS 11 update. Joseph was so thorough, in fact, that he mistakenly broadcasted some of his sensitive personal info for everyone to see. Obviously, that couldn't stay available. We put that version into a dark closet, never to be seen again and re-uploaded a censored version the next day. Also in that video, PhotoJoseph showed off his fancy article on arial photography in the UK magazine "Practical Photography". If you are in the UK, or somehow know how to get your hands on one, you should totally check it out! Now, if you scrolled down already, you will have noticed that there are only three shows. That's because between working on other projects and having the broadcast setup in a state of disarray, there were only three shows this week (oh yea, side note, going forward there will only be four shows a week). Also, if you read down below, next week will most likely not be a regular schedule.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. And remember, you can always catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.

It's time to address some of the more detailed questions from the comments. We cover an analysis of the iPhone X design and features, some lens suggestions for the LUMIX GH5, Touchscreen Autofocus on the GH5, and much more. 

Well, it's that kind of morning where things didn't go as planned BEFORE the show went live. Looks like we're just taking a first look at the Mactrem 2-in-1 Macro Lens Cell Phone Lens Kit. 

Hey hey hey, iOS 11 is here! Let's have a look! I use the iPad Pro and the iPhone 7 Plus to demo the new iOS 11 for you live. We looked at the new file browser, the Do Not Disturb While Driving function, how the emergency call shortcut works, screen recording, and ended the show by playing with a few augmented reality apps.

Now, you may have heard that PhotoJoseph Studios is running a contest! We're putting 10 downloadable copies of PhotoJoseph's GH5 Training Course, (a $100 complete comprehensive 5 1/2 hour video training tutorial on everything involved in using the LUMIX GH5), on the table for some lucky subscribers to win!

You might be saying "But I already bought the training 😭." We hear your cries, and it's all okay. You actually have a choice in your prize if you are one of the 10 lucky winners! If you already bought the training course, you can opt for a One-Year Subscription to PhotoJoseph's site, PhotoApps.Expert. This option grants you access to all past, present, and future Live Training sessions. If you've been looking for a photo editing program that isn't Photoshop, then this option is full of tutorials to help you learn new programs such as Affinity Photo, Snapseed, Macphun Luminar, and more!

Just click the picture below to go to the contest page and follow the steps. Follow ALL of the steps and gain 14 entries to help you win. You have until tomorrow night at midnight (Sunday September 24th) to enter. Make sure you do it before then if you are interested! Good Luck! 

PhotoJoseph will be making some live appearances next week in California

  1. IBM Webinar With PhotoJoseph - Sept 28th, 11am PT on Pro Live Streaming Tips, from Cameras to Encoders 
  2. Samy's Camera Fairfax In-Store Event - Sept 29th, 12-4pm on the GH5 Firmware V.2 (Event Page Not Yet Updated)
  3. ImageOne Live Broadcast with PhotoJoseph - Sept 30th, 9-12pm PT on the Technology Behind the GH5 Firmware Update

We hope everyone has a great weekend. And as always, remember you can catch the Photo Moments LIVE every weekday at 9:30am PT.