This week at PhotoJoseph Studios we tackled viewer questions, reviewed favorite photo apps, and celebrated Breast cancer survivors with an in-depth look at Joseph's collaborative book project, "Beauty After Breast Cancer". From using an app to record your aging family members to using technology to smoothly and crisply focus on your subject matter, PhotoJoseph has you covered. 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we'll kick off October with a chat about my book, Beauty After Breast Cancer. We'll go behind the scenes on a couple of shoots, look at a few of the photos, and talk about the project at large! Visit
Let's talk about the importance of capturing your family story before it's too late. On today's PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment, we'll talk about the importance of recording interviews with your aging loved ones before it's too late, and show an app I just discovered called StoryCorps.
The company Focus Shifter / Engineerable asked if I'd take a look at their latest product, the LensShifter. It's a simple handle that attaches to your camera lens focus and zoom rings to help you get smoother movement for video pulls. You can check out their Kickstarter at and watch my first-look video here!
What's in an Aspect Ratio? In today's PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment I discuss the benefits and drawbacks of common native aspect ratios.
If you don't know what RAW is or how to use it, accidentally shooting in RAW can be a frustrating experience. A viewer asked for help, so we're going to try! Here is the Photo Moment on RAW vs JPEG: