It's the end of another week. It might be an odd one from your perspective, but to us it's just another week. We started off this week by delivering happy news to 10 of our loyal followers. The competition we were running came to a close and the winners were drawn. Sorry to those who did not win. We wish we could give all of you these fantastic prizes… but then where would our business model be? Better luck next time! We're serious. Keep your eyes peeled. There may be another contest down the road eventually. Tuesday's Photo Moment was another AMA style show, and thanks to our viewers, there wasn't any lack of content to talk about. Now here's were things diverted from our normal schedule. PhotoJoseph has been out of the studio since Wednesday morning on a trip, (he woke up very early that morning to go to the studio and re-pack his bag before his assistant picked him up at 6 to go to the airport). So if you were looking for Wednesday's show, sorry, it got lost in the clouds. We made up for that on Thursday though. Joseph teamed up with IBM Cloud Video for a live streamed event on Live Streaming. But before that, he gave us a pre-show live stream about the live stream about Live Streaming. (are you following?). Friday was another travel day to get to another event… sadly, not streamed this time. PhotoJoseph was at Samy's Camera in Fairfax for GH5 v2 Firmware Update day to help people get their GH5s updated. But that's not all! By the time you read this, Joseph will have also just wrapped up another streamed event on the GH5 v2 Firmware update that took place at ImageONE Camera.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. You can catch us weekdays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

The contest to win a copy of the GH5 Training ( or a full year's access to http://PhotoApps.Expert is now over! Let's have a live drawing and find out who won! We're also streaming this in 1080p 60fps using OBS.

It's an AMA day! There were many questions from our live audience. Joseph touched on strobe vs fixed/continuous lighting, if Adobe is still an innovative company, "HDR" tablets, and much more. Plus, testing another settings change from Wirecast and hoping that we finally get 60p out of it.

Let's get a little meta... this is a live stream to talk about a live stream that will be about live streaming!

PhotoJoseph and IBM Cloud Video talk about the gear and techniques needed to output a quality live stream. Topics include cameras, switching, audio, and mixing it all together. Thank you to our sponsors, epiphan, for donating the Pearl-2 for the event.

(I Have a GH5) hq720.jpg

GH5 v2 Firmware is Available Now!

That's right! After months and months of questions about it, we can finally say that the GH5 v2 firmware update is finally available for download. We invite you to read this post from a month ago (or watch this video) if you are curious to know exactly what is in this update. If you are already familiar, (or just want to dive right in and explore for yourself), then you can find the download link in this tweet.