This week we dove into some great technical questions such as "What is a Nifty Fifty?" and whether or not to calibrate your screens. Keep the questions coming, folks—we love 'em!

We also went behind a decade-old photo of a cyclist in the Race Across America and explored how photo editing has evolved since then, and wrapped with a live discussion with Faxon Moulder of Backlit Box, a really awesome framing system. There's even an exclusive discount given in the video, but you have to watch to get it!

What is a "Nifty Fifty?" It's a lens, and the one lens everyone should own. Tune in to learn why!

Today we go "behind the photo" on a decade-old image from the RAAM (Race Across America) in 2006!
Today we're exploring the Backlit Box, a backlit fine art piece you can hang in your home, along with founder Faxon Moulder. We'll re-watch an unboxing video of my first Backlit Box from nearly five years ago, see it again today as it's hanging in my home, and hear from Faxon on some impressive installations, a bit about the tech behind them, and get an exclusive discount to use for 20% off YOUR next Backlit Box!

FIlming on set in Ashland Oregon

A viewer asked about screen calibration... how, why, should you? Let's discuss!