It looks like it's a new tradition for us to start at the end of the previous week. PhotoJoseph finally released his Wireless Lav Mic Range Test this past weekend, (It's been on his to-do-list for a while now). It compares three different wireless lav mics, not only on range but also in sound quality. After coming back from our relaxing weekend, we started the actual week with another AMA show (Seriously though, I'm waiting for people to start asking questions unrelated to photography/videography… why no questions about his favorite recipe or something like that? It's an ask me anything after all). Continue on into Wednesay, where Joseph tackled the ever confounding question of "what SD card should I use for shooting in 400mb with the GH5 v2?" After having to retract the previous video on the topic, and taking time to research, a much better answer is presented to you here. And finally, on Friday, Joseph updated to the 2.1 firmware for his GH5 and the Dual Image Stabilization 2 for the 30mm macro & 42.5mm Nocticron.

We hope everyone has a great weekend. You can catch us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

Time for a range test! These three dramatically different mics are being compared JUST FOR RANGE (but as you'll hear, there's an obvious sound quality comparison too). Does the price match the performance? Which one would YOU buy?

It's time for another AMA! Our live audience was happy enough to throw question after question at us. Joseph covered topics like drones, GH5 Tethering, GH5 + Ninja Inferno 4K 8bit 60p Recording Time, lav mic positioning, GX8 Stabilization, and more! 

Got a GH5 with the version 2 firmware update, and anxious to shoot 400 Mbit? Not so fast. Or rather, *really* fast... cards, that is. V60 or V90 is the spec, but what does that actually mean?

It's a day of firmware updates... 📷 The LUMIX GH5 gets v.2.1, fixing a bug and adjusting some presets 🌺 The 30mm macro gets Dual I.S.2 👰🏻 The 42.5mm f/1.2 Leica Noctircron gets Dual I.S.2 (dual image stabilization version 2)

You may recall a couple of years ago I teamed up with ZenRedNYC to deliver a webinar series about working artists. Well, we’re back for a second round! Empowerment Coach and former NYC Rockette, Nikól Peterman, has invited me and more than 20 other Unstoppable Experts, Artists, and Creatives who do amazing work, live incredible lives, and create their own success to share our insights and experiences. As a creative and an educator, I'm excited to contribute to this event because it's not just TALK… it's helping to inspire actual growth.

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