After starting the week with a video about erasing vs. formatting memory cards, PhotoJoseph headed out to Adobe MAX in San Diego, California! Included are Photo Moments of packing equipment for the trip, video of the conference, the making of aeropress coffee, and seeing the Alabama Shakes live. 

Should you erase or reformat our memory cards? Let's talk about it in today's PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment: packing mobile broadcast gear for Adobe MAX. We talk about camera choice (GH4 vs FZ1000 and why), my DIY rig for mounting multiple devices on-camera with a single hot shoe, lens choices and more!
I'm at Adobe Max in San Diego this week, so am posting from there. Today's video includes a montage of the trip here, a dialogue about the show, and a bunch of shots from the show floor. This is an incredible conference full of amazing people and awesome ideas, and I hope you can make it here one day!
Join me on the show floor, at the Adobe Sneaks and at the big MAX Bash at Adobe Max! Catch glimpses of Jordan Peele, Lynsey Addario, Janet Echelman and Quentin Tarantino, the Alabama Shakes, lighting magic, fire art, 3D net sculpture and a whole lot more!
Today's Photo Moment is like tight underwear... it's a little brief (ba-da-boom!). Opening montage to making aeropress coffee (which really in itself is the best reason to watch), a chit chat about Adobe MAX, and one last snipped from the show floor that I hadn't gotten to capture yet...