We really ran the gamut this week for different types of Photo Moments! When you do a client shoot, should you deliver them digital files, prints, or both? PhotoJoseph explores the pros and cons of each method. Then, go behind the scenes of a series of photos from the early '00's and listen to a discussion of how to shoot popular shooting locations in your own unique way. Mid-week, PhotoJoseph brought us a two-part series on capturing the iPhone screen live in the field and in the studio, then on shooting tethered with your iPhone (whaaa??), and finally wrapped with a detailed behind-the-production discussion of the DxO ONE videos that were just released this week.

When it comes to delivering photos to your photography clients, should you be delivering digital images, prints, or both? Clearly it will depend on many factors but the reasons to include one, the other, or both, may surprise you. In today's Photo Moment, we explore the pros and cons of each idea.
The story behind the photo... looking back at a nighttime architecture series from the mid '00s!
My two latest DxO ONE videos have just been released, and I wanted to chat about some of the behind the scenes going-ons that happen in a production like this. Learn a bit about what cameras I use, how I light, and how it's edited, some problems we had and had to overcome, and a bunch more!
Capturing the iPhone screen live, and tethering with the iPhone camera? Learn how on today's PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment.
Have you ever wanted to shoot tethered with your iPhone? OK, probably not... but isn't it cool to know that you can? Not without a little trickery, however. In this Photo Moment, come along on the adventure as we discover just what you have to do to make this work.