This week we explored composite photos for interior design photography, lens comparisons for portraiture and capturing landscapes, and the beauty of convenient camera accessories. And to top it all off, we hosted the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters Meeting on Friday morning for a special live edition!

Behind the Photo... In Monday's Photo Moment, we'll go behind another photo from my archives. Tune in live to participate, ask questions, and get answers! Here is the link to the previous behind-the photo Moment of this photo:
It's the 100th Photo Moment! Come see how different focal length lenses affect a portrait. You'll be looking through the camera as I change lenses and distances to subject to see how face shape, background, bokeh and more are affected. Also just announced... the future of Photo Moments can use your patronage.
Let's have another look at the Spiderlight holster, as well as an awesome accessory for it on the next PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment! Help support the creation of Photo Moments at Thanks for watching! Things mentioned in the video: Manfrotto mp3-bk Where to Buy? Amazon: B&H:
Shooting the last of the beautiful fall colors here in Ashland Oregon with my photographer friend Sean Bagshaw! Help support the creation of Photo Moments at Thanks for watching!
A three camera Blackmagic ATEM Live stream attempt gone... wonky. **SKIP TO 8:57 FOR THE NON-GEEKY PART** Please support PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments at! I intended today to live stream our local Chamber of Commerce Greeters meeting with a three camera shoot... which all went relatively well EXCEPT for the streaming part.