If I close my eyes, I can already smell the turkey. Waiting another few days is already getting difficult. To our non USA audience, you'll just have to experience an American Thanksgiving some time to fully understand why a person has dreams of that meal. I better stop talking about it… what's the topic again? Oh right! We had an exciting week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. Not only did we have our regularly scheduled Photo Moments, there was a bonus show AND the channel hit 10,000 Subscribers! A BIG "Thank You" to everyone supporting the show/channel. We will continue to bring you the content you've come to expect from us, but of course we will always look to improve it in any way we can. Speaking of the content… Monday's show was really fun! Joseph showed us how to make quality "Tiny Planet" images out of equirectangular images, (taken with the DJI Spark through its 360º Sphere Mode). Next up, on Wednesday, you were treated to a special double-scoop of PhotoJoseph. The morning's show was another AMA where our viewers brought up some great topics to talk about. The second was a pseudo-impromptu show where Joseph was joined by his friend, Sean Mark Nipper, to unbox his new Atomos Ninja Inferno and Accessory Kit, (he also got a new GH5, but there was no need to show you guys yet another GH5 unboxing). And finally, on Friday, we had an extra special show for you all. Nik Bhatt, of Gentlemen Coders and developer of RAW Power, joined Joseph for the show for an interview and LIVE demo. But to sweeten the deal, our LIVE viewers were treated to a "competitive" giveaway opportunity. At five random times, Joseph flashed a code for a free upgrade to the pro version of the RAW Power app. Congrats to the five lucky viewers!

We hope everyone has a great weekend. You can catch us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

I want to show off the DJI Spark 360º Sphere mode for making Tiny Planet images. The panorama photo mode now has a fisheye lens effect to create equirectangular images. Then, to make the Tiny Planet image, I use the "Tiny Planet Photos and Video" app.
Waddayawannaknow? We had to cut the show short due to issues with the stream signal. Joseph opened the show with a few announcements about some of his upcoming events. Even though the signal was choppy, we still covered some great topics thanks to our live viewers.

My buddy Sean Marc Nipper just got his Ninja Inferno and accessory kit... let's see what's in the box! 

We Reached 10K Subscribers! We want to shout out a BIG "Thank You!" to everyone who supports the channel! 

Watch this LIVE demo and interview with Nik Bhatt, developer of the RAW Power photo editing app. We also gave away 5 codes to upgrade the app. Congrats to the lucky individuals who typed them in the fastest!