Oh man! That Turkey was delicious! Now to go for a hike (or two) to work off that feast. Luckily it's been mild this week in Ashland. We had a short, but busy, holiday week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. Over last weekend, Joseph decided to play with his GH5 and some Vintage Russian lenses he picked up earlier this year. Well, the results of this experiment were many and amazing. First of all, the footage looks great. He can't wait to continue playing with these awesome little lenses. Secondly, Joseph experimented with editing a video specifically for the iPhone X in mind. That was released on Sunday, and on Monday's show Joseph took us behind the scenes into both the shooting and the editing process. And before we took off for the holiday, Wednesday's show was all about another (different) experiment with the GH5 and shooting motion blur light streaks at night. 

We hope everyone has a great (holiday) weekend (for those in the USA). You can catch us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

This is a little test that turned out quite nicely... video shot on a GH5 with a vintage Russian Industar M39 Lens (индустар lens). And there's a surprise or two in there for you X users! The layout and cropping was designed specifically for the iPhone X Screen!
Joseph released a video over the weekend of his son running around in the woods. Let's go behind the scenes! It was recorded with a mix of modern and vintage technology. The setup was the GH5 body and the vintage Russian индустар (Industar) M39 Thread Count lenses.

Ever wondered how to get the high speed streaky blur look in video? Me too, so I ran a bunch to tests... let me show you what I found!

But Wait! There's More!


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