It was an irregular week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. We're starting to feel the fact that we're closing in on the end of the year. Schedules are all over the place. Speaking of which, this week's videos didn't follow our normal broadcast schedule at all. We started on Monday with a rundown of all of the different streaming hardware options… and a complicated stream setup to go with it. Below, you will find the master show, but there's more. Joseph covered 5 different hardware options, and streamed examples of each. Periodically, there will be a second (and a third, fourth, fifth, and sixth) stream to queue up so you can see the quality differences between them all. On Tuesday, (see what I mean?), Joseph showed off the Epiphan Pearl-2, (the device we are currently using to stream the Photo Moments), and everything that it can do. Now, if the week wasn't already different than normal, Joseph took off to NYC on Wednesday morning for an event at B&H on Thursday, (Not depicted below. Click HERE to see it). Joseph gave a Live Streamed presentation about everything needed for Live Streaming (seems to be a new norm now). And finally, SURPRISE! If you are reading this right when it comes out, PhotoJoseph is LIVE right now from Robert's Camera in Indianapolis!

We hope everyone has a great weekend. You can catch us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

In this show, we'll tour a variety of live streaming solutions. Ever seen the movie "Inception"? It's like that... but with live streaming. We cover the hardware options, the software options, and all of the areas to troubleshoot for each (like audio or syncing). Don't worry... your tour guide is here.
People ask all the time how I do my streaming and switching. This is the short tour of my professional streaming studio. We focus on the hardware needed and how they all interact to bring the streamed product right to you.

PhotoJoseph made the switch to micro four thirds (M43) years ago, and never looked back. In this presentation, he'll share some favorite images and videos from the last several years, discuss the cameras and technology involved, and share his enthusiasm for the format!