How was everyone's week? Are you enjoying your Saturday so far? It's a gorgeous weekend here in Southern Oregon, (It's the beginning of February and we have mid-60s forecast for all next week… something's not right, but we're not complaining). We had a busy week here at PhotoJoseph Studios, most of it Photo Moment related. We kicked it off on Monday with a demonstration of how the OTG cable helps with connection stability. Fairly straight forward. On Wednesday, Joseph showed off the High Resolution Mode in the LUMIX G9. If you focus on taking stills, it's a feature you will want to play with. Wednesday also came with a bonus! There was a second show in the afternoon. Sean Mark Nipper stopped by to take his new DJI Mavic Air out of the box live for you all to see… and I'm sure partially to make Joseph jealous. (They took it out for the maiden voyage after the show… and had some fun climbing a tree to retrieve it. More on that to come!) And finally, Friday's show was as unique as it's subject matter. Joseph was joined by special guest, Don Komarechka, a professional snowflake photographer, (I mean...what else are you going to do with a Canadian winter?). The images he shared with us are beyond stunning, and have us wishing that there was some snow on the ground for us to experiment with it.

Coming up on Monday: an AMA show. Get your questions ready! (and seriously, feel free to ask about anything)

We hope everyone has a great weekend! You can catch us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

Did you know that you can connect a USB cable between your DJI Spark or Mavic Remote Controller for a more reliable, stable connection? Learn how here!

Ever wonder how the "High Resolution Mode" works on cameras like the LUMIX G9 or Olympus EM-5 II? High Res capture on the G9 is an amazing feature that combines 8 separate sensor-shifted exposures into an ultra-high-res 80-megapixel JPEG or RAW photo. The results will blow your mind, and it makes this camera very valuable to a stills-shooter.
My buddy Sean Marc Nipper just got the new DJI Mavic Air to replace the DJI Spark... let's unbox this baby so you can see two grown men get excited about a new toy. Want to get in on the fun?
If you've never seen Dom Komarechka's snowflake photography, you're in for a treat. It's winter. A good chunk of the country is covered in snow... what is there to do? Don will explain his process and show us a handful of his favorite photos!