I know there's supposed to be 52 weeks in a year, but this is most likely the last blog-post for the year. PhotoJoseph originally planned to not even come in this week… but since his kids don't wake up until mid-day, he figured a few live shows would use that down-time wisely. Monday's show was all about showing off the new Airport Advantage Plus roller bag from Think Tank Photo. As you can tell from the thumbnail, you can fit a whole lot in that bag… you still need a separate bag for all the lighting though. Speaking of lighting, Wednesday's show showcased The Westcott Eyelighter Reflective Panel and a Velvet lens from Lensbaby. Not only informative, but also entertaining to watch Joseph have fun blinding your's truly. 

Check out the all new Airport Advantage Plus roller bag from Think Tank Photo. Is this the ultimate carry-on camera bag for those who travel heavy?

We've got a variety of products to talk about, just in time for some last-minute Christmas shopping for the Photo/Video enthusiast in your life: The Westcott Eyelighter Reflective Panel and lensbaby velvet. And, there was a general Q&A.

So Long, 2017!

That's it for 2017. What a year that was! This show has come a long way in the past 12 months. We switched over to streaming on YouTube full time. We showcased some new amazing cameras. (and worked through a bit of drama). We tested out many new products. But what has Joseph and myself feeling immense gratitude as this year closes out is seeing just how much the channel has grown. From JUST over 800 to now 11,000 in 1 year, it brings smiles and satisfaction to the two of us to see the hard work pay off. Thank you to everyone who supports the show. But that doesn't mean we're going to half-ass it now. No way! 2018 is going to be even better... but let's take a look at the highlights from this past year.

This is the story of how I switched to Micro Four Thirds for all of my work, after having been a "Full Frame Snob" and a Cannon fanboy. A friend of mine let me borrow some of his cameras, and amongst them was a micro four thirds Olympus camera...
Did you know you can edit UHD (4K) 60p video on your iPad Pro? If you own a camera, an iPad, and a lightning-to-SD Card adapter, then you have a VERY mobile editing studio. Obviously this isn't what I would use for every day production, but if you are on the go and need to edit your video footage, then this gets the job done.

I lost/crashed my DJI Spark Drone, Ooooops!!! (Drone n00b). But, I found it... here's how!

Ever tried adding a wireless microphone to your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus (and now iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X)? Turns out more adapters than you realize might be needed... 

There may not be any more photo moments for the rest of the year, but keep an eye out for a possible live stream of Joseph and Ryan rearranging the studio.

We hope everyone has a great holiday. You can catch us in the new year on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.