Good thing it was Valentine's Day week! It was cold here, so there was a good reason to cuddle up on the couch. It's time for another weekly roundup of PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, and what a week it was! Monday had 2 shows. The regularly scheduled show was all about the COSYSPEED STREETOMATIC+ Camera Bag and the Black and White + Color filter photo contest. (Seriously, this bag is really cool! Have you entered the contest yet?). The second show was an impromptu GH5S unboxing… which was supposed to happen the Friday before, but there was a mix-up in the delivery. Wednesday was Valentine's Day and we brought in a model, Genevieve Andreæssen, to help us show off what the lensbaby velvet lens is all about. Friday's show was a little different as we had Ginger Johnson, a professional business coach, on for an interview to talk about the benefits of having a business coach, (the theme here being a photography business… but it can apply to most types of businesses). 

We hope everyone has a great weekend! You can catch us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

The company COSYSPEED was kind enough to send two of their STREETOMATIC+ bags to me - one for me, and one for you! So... we're having a photo contest! Learn how to win the bag in today's show.

It's heeeeeerrrreeeeeee! The LUMIX GH5S finally arrived at the studio. Let's unbox it!

The Velvet 56mm f/1.6 Lens from Lensbaby produces a creamy, uniquely soft, glowing image quality, and is great for capturing those dream-like portraits. You can control the softness with the f-stops and still achieve a shallow depth of field. Lensbaby is a third-party manufacturer, and offers versions of these lenses for all sensor sizes/brands.

Have you ever considered hiring a business coach? Today we're talking to Ginger Johnson of - "Speaker, Trainer, Coach" to see how someone like her can benefit a business like yours!