We had snow in Ashland! It's a few weeks until spring and we're just getting a noticeable covering of white on the mountains… go figure. It was not a normal week at PhotoJoseph Studios in terms of a content release schedule (case and point, I'm still typing this at 1pm on Saturday when it was supposed to be out at 12). Monday's holiday was taken as a day off. Sorry to those who may have expected a show… but we made up for that. On Wednesday, Joseph showed off the results of his LUMIX G9 AF-C test. He took the camera to a local basketball game and did his best to follow along with the action. And then, on Friday, Joseph unveiled bits of a project he's still working on to test and showcase the low light capabilities, (and some of his findings so far), of the GH5S. 

And don't miss the upcoming PhotoMoment on Monday. It's an AMA… so get that curiosity flowing and those questions ready.

We hope everyone has a great weekend! You can catch us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments.

I wanted to really test the autofocus capabilities of the LUMIX G9, so I brought it to a SOU Women's College Basketball game to capture the action. Sports Photography may not be MY strong point, but this camera makes up for it. You can easily see how well the autofocus tracks the fast-paced movement.
In part 1, I show off the GH5S ISO settings, discuss the difference between auto/low/high ISO settings, compare in-studio shots of ISO 400 vs 2500, then show test shots from the blacksmith shop shot in V-Log on an Atomos Ninja Inferno in Final Cut Pro X!

In part 1, we learn how to set up a Final Cut Pro X 10.4 library for HDR editing, discuss how to know what you're looking at on a non-HDR screen, and run into the problem that we'll explore in part 3.

In part 3, we see the problem I've run into with the Atomos Ninja Inferno and the V-Log footage on an HDR timeline. Do YOU know what's wrong?!