(Oh… look at that. a post that was completely done but not turned on. Woops! 😬)

Is it spring yet? One day will be warm-ish… the next it goes back down to around freezing. Wonder how it is in Slovenia this time of year 🤔… (we'll get to that later). How was everyone's week? It was a busy one at PhotoJoseph Studios, (what's new?), mostly because of cramming things in before a long trip. Monday's show followed up on this past Friday, and tested the difference between using USB 2.0 vs USB 3.0 for tethered shooting. Wednesday's show touched on something not too many people think about these days; "Do you shoot with one eye open or both eyes open when using the viewfinder?" And finally, on Friday… after a late night in the studio the night before, Joseph hit four birds with one stone 1) The Photo Moment show itself, 2) Announcing the winner of the Photo Contest (Congratulations Mark Miller!), 3) Pack gear for his trip to Slovenia, and 4) General Updates of what is to come.

If you follow along with each show, you've known for a while that Joseph is going to be on a family vacation for the next few weeks. The schedule for the Photo Moments will be sporadic during that time, but keep an eye out for some video releases.

We hope everyone has a great weekend! You can catch us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments, (Just… not for the next few weeks)

GH5 is ON SALE right now for $200 off on B&H! (actually, you can get V-Log for free as well): B&H - https://bhpho.to/2D1bUkQ Last week's show on tethered shooting with the GH5 was done on a USB 2.0 cable, which an eagle-eyed viewer pointed out.
Human - two eyes. Camera - one eyepiece. Which eye do you use? Are you a right eye shooter or a left eye shooter? And more interestingly... do you keep the other eye open or closed? Tune in for some insightful photography skills talk and some potentially eye-opening (groan) perspectives on shooting!
Lots to do and just a little time... let's get started! The Photo Contest is over and we have a winner. Then its time to pack the camera bag full of gear for the trip, and finally sharing the plans for the trip and what to expect during this time.