Sooo… uhhh… there isn't really much to update you on. Joseph is out of town still, (Read As: out of the country), and doesn't show any signs of wanting to come home early. You're all probably in PhotoJoseph withdrawal at this point, especially since there was only one short video this week. Hang in there! It's all going to be okay! Joseph left behind a gift for you all to enjoy while he was away concerning the GH5S and showing why there isn't any IBIS, and showing the difference between the GH5. There may also be another one for next week 😉😉

Also, if you want to feel as if you are visiting Slovenia with Joseph, you can keep track of his Instagram feed, (which will probably make you hungry if you look at it long enough).

We hope everyone has a great weekend! You can catch us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9:30am PT for the LIVE Photo Moments, (Just… not for the next few weeks)

Have you wondered why the GH5S doesn't have a built in stabilizer (IBIS)? Watch this video to understand the reason - and why it's a GOOD THING.