The Beauty After Breast Cancer book has been printed!

After two+ years of work, the "Beauty After Breast Cancer" book is finally done. Printed, in a warehouse, ready to shop, DONE. It's really been an unbelievable endeavor and I'm very proud of our accomplishment.

I plan to post one image a week from the book for the next 38 weeks (one of each participant) on Instagram, but of course to see them in print, along with the rest of the photos, and to read their stories, and most importantly, to support the project, head to to order your copy of the book. Tell your local cancer center about it, too; this is primarily a resource for those about to undergo what will likely be the biggest challenge of their lives. Help us to help them.

Second LUMIX Post Focus "Focus Stacking" video is out

Here's the second of two videos I produced for Panasonic. Super happy with how these came out! This one is all about how you can use the Post Focus feature showed in the first video to create "focus stacking" images. Pretty niche but very cool. 

Finished the other video projects we were working on…

Those are all done now, and will be published I believe this week. So stand by for those!

Shooting for Siskiyou Import Services

I had a simple shoot early last week for a local auto repair shop; just some updated headshots of new employees and some texture photos for their website. 

Oh brrrr…

The week ahead…

Heading to New York tonight… assuming I can get out of my driveway!

See that photo above? That's my back yard! We got hit with a ton of snow, and I'm on a flight to New York late tonight. Hopefully no problems getting there. So far all seems fine at the airport, but you know… winter travel and all that.

But let's assume all will go well, and I'll see you at B&H, right? Head on over to the B&H Event page and register for this event. I'm really looking forward to it!

Then on Wednesday I'll be kicking off the next Live Training series. This is all about the migration from Aperture. Read more here.