It's been a comparatively quiet week. I have been focusing almost 100% on the recording studio buildout. It has certainly been meet with many technical challenges, mostly regarding software and encoding. 

Recording Studio Challenges

I'll be using Telestream Wirecast for the live broadcast, which simultaneously records to whatever format you need. I will capture all broadcasts locally for re-encoding and upload. However I found that even with a 1920×1080 source coming in, and broadcasting to the same 1080p size, the captured footage was soft. After much finger pointing between hardware and software companies, I was finally able to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to Telestream that their software is softening the image on capture. That seems to have gotten the attention of their engineering department, so maybe with any luck the'll actually fix it. If you happen to be a Wirecast user, bookmark this forum thread as it'll likely be of interest to you.

I intend to do a live broadcast test this week, and finally get into my new Live Training series as early as next week. Long time coming, this!

Once this is all up and running, and I've been running with it for a month or so, I'll record a video explaining what all went into it. It's been quite the adventure.

Oaxaca Tour Delay

The only other news of note is that we decided to postpone our "Oaxacan Light" tour until 2017. Originally scheduled for January 2016, there simply hasn't been time to finalize the details — mainly, actually sending out invitations to sign up and pay for the thing! So, it'll happen later. You can read all about the plan here. 

 Where we're going in 2017… photo by Eric Mindling

Where we're going in 2017… photo by Eric Mindling

The DxO video we'd been working on got delayed by the client so that's on hold for the moment. Hopefully I'll be able to share that in another week or two. 

This week is mostly about the recording studio again… in the homestretch now!