Here are the final four of the Sculpture series. Considerable information has been shared about these images over the last few weeks, including the entire production process.

If you're interested in seeing them in context of the gallery information page, please visit

If you're interested in an in-depth technical and creative look at the process, visit my B&W photography site, Each of the images and their accompanying part of the story is listed below:

  1. Image 1 of 8 — the first test print is ordered
  2. Image 2 of 8 — the printing company and gallery hanging is discussed
  3. Image 3 of 8 — the back story to the project is revealed
  4. Image 4 of 8 — some candid thoughts on digital manipulation are shared
  5. Image 5 of 8 — the one non-medium format image is discussed
  6. Image 6 of 8 — the problem with screen viewing is discussed
  7. Image 7 of 8 — a complete step-by-step text discussion of the process is revealed
  8. Image 8 of 8 — the narrated video of a highly accelerated edit is released

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