Here are this week's Photo Moments you may have missed… (only four due to the Labor Day holiday on Monday).

Have you ever wondered how lens flare occurs and how to avoid it? In this Photo Moment, PhotoJoseph explains lens flare and some tips to keep your photos clear and flare-free.
In this photo moment, PhotoJoseph shares some simple tools to get great audio if you're shooting video.
In this Photo Moment, PhotoJoseph proudly displays his homemade (super massive) photo display grid and explains how you can make one too! Get beautiful Prints for your home, studio, or office using the intuitive ordering process at Artifact Uprising.
Got a Teradek VidiU Pro and can't figure out why your Facebook Live streams look like rubbish? In this video, I go through the VidiU settings and explain the proper configuration for Facebook Live, as well as list out some technical detail web pages that were surprising hard to find on the internet!