This week was pretty basic. Not much happened here on PhotoJoseph's Photo Mome— wait, what? Joseph was sent a pre-production model of the GH5? For real?! This is the biggest week in the Photo Moments yet! It's been a lot of fun over here at Photo Joseph Studios. First, Epiphan sent him an $8K unit called the Pearl-2. Next, Joseph and friends went over to a client's facility to set up a budget broadcasting studio. Then, the GH5 fun started. It was used in/outside the studio…and we even took it to a skate-park. We also heard back from the budget broadcast client saying that everything works. All in all, a very full week.

According to Epiphan, the "Pearl-2™ is the easiest way to do 4K live streaming, switching and recording". Let's open 'er up and see what an $8,000 streaming solution looks like.

Building out a low-cost live broadcasting studio for a client... let's see what's involved!

Wanna see?! I gots one... 

On location, day one shooting with a pre-production LUMIX GH5 at our local skate park Let's see what it can do!

The other day I was building a live broadcast studio for a client on a budget, and after loads of research and all the work I've done over the last coupe of years, came up with what I thought would be a pretty good solution.