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Axel Springer "iPhone in Business" photo-story on is live!

A few months ago I traveled to Europe for Apple to shoot an “iPhone in Business” story about the publishing giant Axel Springer. We shot at their headquarters in Berlin (the publishing hub) and in another office in Hamburg (where much of the iPhone application development happens). Audio interviews were recorded and ultimately edited together with music and my photos to create the narrated photo slide-show that you see here. We had some great environments to shoot in; the Axel Springer offices are beautiful and the staff were all very into being a part of the story, which made the shoot an absolute joy. The client is very happy, so I am very happy!

It just hit today and is currently the lead story on Hot News. It’s in German with English subtitles, so I had to watch it a few times myself to get the whole story ;-)

Axel Springer “iPhone in Business” story on

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May Day in Hamburg

On this trip to Hamburg, I couldn’t get a flight home right after the shoot so stayed an extra day. Little did I realize that that Friday was May 1st, or May Day. Most of the shops were closed, and it seemed everyone in the city was on the lake enjoying the sun. It was a gorgeous day, and I made the rounds about the city doing a little exploring.

This is a view from St. Michel Cathedral. In it you can see St. Nikolai’s Church, also in the following photo.

More photos after the jump, and as always, clicking on any photo opens a larger gallery.

View from St. Michel Cathedral

St. Nikolai’s Church

Truth be told, much of the day was spent on the lake ;-)

The good life on the Außenalster and Binnenalster lakes in Hamburg


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Heading home, can finally work on the blog!

As you may know if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’ve been a busy bunny lately. April had me traveling all around Slovenia (holiday), then New York (where I shot the Seal concert), Las Vegas (family stuff), home for one night then back to Europe for Belfast, Nottingham, Berlin then Hamburg for another client. I’m on my way home now, and will be working on photo-edits and blog entries on the flight. I do try to keep my posts in order, so while some entries are already written, I’ve held back posting until the in-between ones were done.

So just to give you a taste of things to come, here’s a parting image from Hamburg, Germany, made yesterday on May 1 during their “Mayday” holiday, which was a gloriously sunny day that begged to be enjoyed on the lake with a proper German beer—like this Weißbier here. Yum!

A glorious Weißbier, enjoyed on the lake in Hamburg on the Mayday holiday

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