Were you in downtown Ashland, Oregon on Halloween night?

Did you have your photo made by Joseph?

Then you’ve come to the right place to find your picture!

If you just can’t wait, here’s the gallery. But you could take a minute to read the following few tips to make finding your photos easier, and detailed instructions on how to order.

Finding Your Photo(go to gallery)

There are 400 pictures in here to go through! So searching by keywords can narrow your search down for you. Every photo is keyworded with “male” or “female” (or both), and also “solo”, “pair” or “group”. So, for example, if you know I shot a photo of you by yourself, by selecting your gender and “solo”, you’ll narrow down the results considerably.

TIP: You may have had a photo made on your own, and also with friends… don’t forget to look for them all!

To search by keywords, look at the bottom of the gallery for this:


Now look at the top of the gallery, and you’ll see this:


See how you can add or remove keywords from the search? It will even automatically show you related keywords. Cool! Makes it quick to narrow the results down.

To clear your search, click on “See photo in original gallery”. This is also really useful if you find a photo of yourself as a solo, for example, but may have group shots that were made at the same time. This will take you right to that shot in the original gallery, usually with your group photos right next to it!


Rate, Comment, and “thumbs up” or “down” your favorite photos! (go to gallery)

Have a look around… you can easily add comments and ratings to photos or the entire gallery, and even give a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” to your favorite photos and costumes. You can also view the images larger by hovering the mouse over a photo, and you’ll see a drawer slide out with different viewing sizes. Or, just make your browser window really big, and they’ll automatically grow!


Share Your Photo!(go to gallery)

All photos can be shared or “liked” on facebook, or posted to twitter for free. They will have the watermark applied, so if you want to look your best, see the next section! 


Social Tagging

Facebook: In fact if you want to tag your friends on facebook so you know they’ll see the photos, you can also do that by looking for your picture on Facebook directly — I’ve uploaded ALL the photos to these two galleries; photos 001-200 and photos 201-400!

Google+: And now, also uploaded to G+! If you’re a user of that service and know some of your friends in this gallery on there, feel free to tag away. Let’s make sure everyone (even those who lost their cards) find their photos on here!

Downloading Your Photo(go to gallery)

Want a digital copy of your picture to post on facebook or email to your friends without the watermark? Click the “Buy” button, then the “Downloads” tab, and choose the “Web Size” option. Downloads will look just as you see them on screen — minus the big ugly watermark.


Printing Your Photo(go to gallery)

From the “Buy” button, and you’ll see a huge variety of prints and merchandise you can order with your photo on it! All prints will be carefully retouched before printing, removing any blemishes or unwanted background elements. If you have special requests, be sure to make them at the time of order.


Stickers, Bags, T-shirts… and More! (go to gallery)

Want a photo you’ll see every day? How about a coffee mug, or a mousepad, or a magnet, or any other number of objects from the every-day to the ridiculous. Check under the “Merchandise” tab and have some fun (there’s honestly some pretty silly stuff in there…)!

The Holidays are Coming…(go to gallery)

Save yourself the time of having new photos made this holiday season, and print greeting cards with your… Halloween photo on them?! Why not! Flat and folding cards are available under the “Buy” menu; choose “Create a Card”.

Want to print it yourself?(go to gallery)

No problem… just purchase a larger size Download. The “Low-Res 1Mpix” will print up to 5x7 quite nicely. The “Hi-Res 4Mpix” will print up to 8x12 very nicely. If you want to print anything larger, you should get the “original”, which is roughly 20 megapixels (depending on the original crop). NOTE: I have done basic retouching on every image, sufficient for up to the Low-Res download. However if you purchase a Hi-Res or Original size, while you will be able to downoad it immediately, I’ll go back and check the image for any additional retouching that should be done on a file that size, and send you an updated copy within a few days of purchase.

Don’t see what you want?

If you would like a type of print or product you don’t see here, just ask. I can source just about anything, including custom framed images, holiday greeting cards, and more. All you have to do is ask!


Thanks to everyone who posed for me on Halloween night. As I told many of you, I’m new to Ashland and am doing this to get my name and face out there. I hope you enjoy your photo, and I loved shooting these for you all! If you have any questions at all, or want to talk about a booking for holiday photos, special events, or anything else you can think of… reach out and say hi!