2013 Holiday Portraits!

It is our pleasure to offer holiday portraits this 2013 season at the studio in Ashland, Oregon. As you can see in the sample photos below, the set we have custom-built for this season is elegant, sophisticated and beautiful! Of course, that doesn't mean you have to act that way for the photo :)

The photographer's family being… "normal"

Client samples


The pricing structure is quite simple; there is a sitting fee, and then you can choose to purchase a single or all digital files (so you can print yourself, share online, etc.), order prints and holiday cards through your online gallery, or both.

  • $195 — Sitting fee
  • $100 — Single digital file
  • $295 — Digital collection 

If you choose to order cards from your gallery, the prices are as follows. Holiday cards are customizable and offer a variety of templates.

  • 4×8 flat cards; 20 for $25, 50 for $50, or 100 for $90
  • 5×7 folding cards; 10 for $25 or 25 for $55

Other print types, too numerous to list here, are available as well.


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