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Experimental iBooks Project


Thanks for checking out this experimental iBooks project. It’s a “Photo Adventure through Vietnam”, and very much a work in progress. I started making this the day iBooks Author was released, and will continue to add onto it and share the progress here.

It’s easiest if you navigate to this page on your iPad (iBooks 2 or better required), and click the icon below to download. Or you can download on your computer and transfer through iTunes.

  • v.0.1 2012-01-20 | initial release
  • v.0.2 2012-01-23 | replaced video, added chapter heads w/ new photos, rearranged pages, added map page w/ navigate-able map (cool!), added copyright page
  • v.0.3 2012-01-26 | major reconfiguration… migrated headless pages to sections, modified the look a bit. Added a couple of chapters of text and new photos. Somewhere along the way I lost some slideshows in Portrait orientation and can’t figure out how to get them back, so may have to replace them. Started adding glossary entries; most are blank but one or two have content. I may have broken those though when I moved everything to Sections; I haven’t tested them yet. I’m learning a lot about this app (which is obviously the point!). There are likely typos in here and the text will continuously be tweaked, so keep in mind nothing is final. But by all means, share your thoughts! [since migrating this to a new site I no longer have the comments, sorry… if you want to share some thoughts though just reach me through the contact page]
  • update 2012-03-20 | I’m finally back onto this, now on the iPad 3 the New iPad. I have to replace many of the photos with higher rez versions… oops. Should have seen that one coming. I made a comparison between an image that was placed in iBooks Author at 1920 pixels wide vs 5616 (full resolution). The iPad screen is 2048 wide, so clearly it had to scale up form 1920 to 2048 (vs the old iPad which scaled down to 1024). I put the two pages in the book and swiped back and forth, and the difference is really clear. Anyway now I’m back on the book and will post new a new version soon!
  • v.0.4 2012-03-22 | Woohoo another release! As noted above, I stupidly didn’t anticipate the retina display and was sizing all the photos I dropped in to a resolution under 2048 wide, so the just didn’t look as good as they could on the new iPad. However that’s fixed now… all images have been replaced, and a lot more have been added. I have a little more story, new backgrounds behind the text (would love to get your feedback on that) and even a tiny movie embedded. I no longer have an original iPad and I’d imagine that performance will pretty much suck on that, but I’m curious to know how it goes. Comment below, please! 

v.0.4 Updated 2012-03-22 | Tap to download (60 MB)

Some notes:

  • If you are viewing this page from within a twitter client, open the page in Safari first. There are reports that the download through twitter clients doesn’t behave very well.
  • Once downloaded, it can take a few moments to actually open in iBooks… be patient.
  • iPad 1 problem: For some reason, the intro video never seems to play the first time I open the book, but if I close and re-open it, it plays the second time.
  • iPad 2 problem: If it seems to get stuck (especially on the grey texture screen), just rotate your iPad. That always seems to kick it into gear for me.

 Tell me what you think, and how it’s working for you! I’d love to hear from you about this experiment.