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PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 48, 2017

It was an irregular week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. We're starting to feel the fact that we're closing in on the end of the year. Schedules are all over the place. Speaking of which, this week's videos didn't follow our normal broadcast schedule at all.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 47, 2017

Ok, you know how I said it was a mild week last week? I should never comment on the weather again because I jinxed it… it got really cold over the course of this week! That doesn't mean we're hibernating just yet.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 46, 2017

Oh man! That Turkey was delicious! Now to go for a hike (or two) to work off that feast. Luckily it's been mild this week in Ashland.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 46, 2017

If I close my eyes, I can already smell the turkey. Waiting another few days is already getting difficult. To our non USA audience, you'll just have to experience an American Thanksgiving some time to fully understand why a person has dreams of that meal. I better stop talking about it… what's the topic again? Oh right!

Live Streaming from Beginner to Pro with Epiphan Video, featuring Lumix Cameras

Have you thought about live streaming but aren’t sure where to start? Or have you already started, and are now ready to up your game and take your live show “pro”? I'll be at B&H on December 07 from 4–6pm talking about how to do exactly that!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 45, 2017

It's cold and the leaves have almost all fallen! It's your last chance to photograph the amazing autumn colors… you just have to go find that stubborn tree that doesn't want to give up its leaves.

Panasonic LUMIX G9

The latest flagship camera from Panasonic, the LUMIX G9, has been announced! This sits alongside the GH5 as one of Panasonic's two top-dog cameras; while the GH5 is a "hybrid" camera, complete with features for both the still photographer and cinematographer, the G9 is focused on the still shooter, with features like world's fastest auto focus, world's fastest frame per second (20fps at full 20.3 MP resolution in RAW with continuous autofocus!), an 80 megapixel "synthesizing" feature (combining images in-camera to build a massive 10,368 × 7,776 image), and more.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 44, 2017

How was everyone's week? We hope you had an enjoyable Halloween. (If you celebrate it, that is). Welcome to November, where it's cold and wet. That just means there's more justified time to spend in-doors watching The Photo Moments.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 43, 2017

With Saturday here again that means we have another roundup of the week's PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment activities. And what an epic week that was!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 43, 2017

It's not even Halloween yet, and there's snow on top of the local mountains… while it was in the high 70s just a few days ago. Looks like it's a regular Autumn here in Southern Oregon. Well, that's another week done with another batch of PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments delivered straight to you.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 42, 2017

This week was a treasure trove of information, full of technical details about lav mics, SD Cards, firmware updates, and much more. 

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 41, 2017

Ok, so you might be saying "What happened here? Something is different!" We've changed the scheduling of the live Photo Moments to just three a week with one edited video released in the mix, (edited video to be released on Saturday). We start with this past Saturday, actually. Joseph was at ImageONE camera in Riverside, California to give a presentation on the GH5 v2 Firmware update, AND he streamed it live! If you are curious about what's new in this firmware update, I suggest giving this video a watch. We started the actual week with a Q&A full of questions from our viewers posted on the channel/videos (Want your question in the Photo Moments? Hint Hint).

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 40, 2017

It's the end of another week. It might be an odd one from your perspective, but to us it's just another week. We started off this week by delivering happy news to 10 of our loyal followers. The competition we were running came to a close and the winners were drawn. Sorry to those who did not win. We wish we could give all of you these fantastic prizes… but then where would our business model be? Better luck next time! (We're serious. Keep your eyes peeled. There may be another contest down the road eventually.)

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 39, 2017

Our little spot in Oregon went from almost no clouds in the sky to days of overcast skies and intermittent rain. Do I sound like I'm complaining? I'm not! We desperately needed it so that nothing else near us/down wind of us catches on fire. We were drowning in smoke! Luckily that seems to have abated for the time being… though, so has the warmth. Autumn escalated quickly! The Photo Moments weren't hindered at all because of that though. On Monday, PhotoJoseph answered your questions in a Q&A show. Straight forward and to the point. Let's move on. We had such big plans for Tuesday… but they got shot.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 38, 2017

Oh Man! We were busy! We kicked off the week with a Q&A show, and broke it out into separate segments after, (though, one had to be pulled, there is a replacement video explaining why). Best thing to do is watch them in sequence. The end screen of the first leads to the next in the sequence, and so on. Tuesday was a fun day. You may have heard that Apple is coming out with new versions of the iPhone (8 & X). PhotoJoseph watched the stream live and gave his reactions and commentary during it, to some of our viewer's dismay (Hey, we tried to tell them what was up). Unfortunately, our version of the stream was banned worldwide after it ended

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 37, 2017

How is everyone doing? Did everyone in the USA enjoy their day off this past Monday? For those of us in Oregon, we spent it inside while trying to escape the smoke the best we could. The Photo Moments kicked off on Tuesday with a live test of the SAMSON Go Mic Mobile. There were some stream hiccups during the show itself, and we don't know whether to chock that up to changes YouTube recently made, the streaming setup, or the Go Mic itself. Luckily most of them were processed out in the final product. On Wednesday, we showed off the newest addition to the Live Streaming Studio: The Behringer X AIR XR16 sound mixer. Oh Man! This thing is full of capabilities!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 36, 2017

Hey! Welcome Back! These posts have been a little short on videos the past couple of weeks, but we're back in the normal swing of things… and it was a week full of exciting things here at PhotoJoseph Studios. We kicked it off with the first true Q&A Show in a long time. Joseph answered some of the questions that had been building up, and of course took the time to answer the ones coming in through the live chat. Tuesday's show was a first look at the Loupedeck Controller for Lightroom. The big ticket item this week was Wednesday's show! Panasonic announced the 2.0 Firmware Update for the GH5, and Joseph went through it point-by-point, (just wait until he get's his hands on it!). On Thursday, we needed help from Leonard DiCaprio to get us out of the multiple levels of stream tests with the Epiphan Webcaster X2. And to finish off the week, there was an impromptu unboxing of the Samson Go Mic Mobile with LM8 Lav Mic, which had been on back-order for a few months. 

LUMIX GH5 Firmware 2.0 Update Announced!

The Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Firmware update 2.0 was just announced… here's the official release, and a Photo Moment going through the list of features line by line!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 35, 2017

Some of you might be wondering "Where did the Photo Moments go"? They're still here. PhotoJoseph was on vacation, but he's back now. We got to see him briefly this past Monday… or Tuesday depending on where you live. It was a quick check-in to tell us all he's still here, (kind of like how parents ask their children to call every few hours). And then we didn't hear anything until Friday when Joseph got back to the studio to check in, do a bit of house cleaning items, and give us a taste of a few things to come. We promise next week will be back to normal. In the meantime, check out some more shots from PhotoJoseph's trip to Sweden.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 34, 2017

Well, we warned you last week that PhotoJoseph was going out of town… out of state… out of country. He is in Sweden right now, enjoying his vacation with his kids. It was a light content week. There's not a whole lot to talk about. We had one live show on Monday where Joseph showed us what gear he was taking with him on the trip. And then on Tuesday we had a pre-recorded video ready for release all about how to use the Epiphan Webcaster X2 for both Facebook and YouTube. Then, due to travel schedules, there just wasn't time (or energy when factoring in a 10-hour bus ride, an 11-hour flight, and jet lag). But that doesn't mean we'll keep this post scant of content. First of all, we would like to bring your attention to one of last week's videos about the Solar Eclipse that is happening in North America this coming Monday. It is full of information and experiential insight from photographer/videographer Jason McMurray. If you are planning on shooting it, then you should listen for the tips (because the part about preparation is probably something you've already done). Second, there's a useful app called PhotoPills that can help you set up your shot when you get to your location. And finally, here are some shots from Joseph's vacation so far

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