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PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 12, 2017

Another week of 2017 is done...but we didn't squander it at all. Monday's show kicks off a new tradition. Every Monday, from now on, will be a "Q&A" show where PhotoJoseph answers the questions from the past week that require more than a typed response, but require less than a dedicated show. This being the first one, the questions actually go back a few weeks. The rest of this week was "focused" (hahaha, you'll get it in a second), on specific functions and how the GH5 does them. Tuesday was about 6K/4K Focus Stacking. Wednesday was using Zebra Stripes to help get the best exposure. And finally, Thursday and Friday were about Focus Bracketing and Macro Focus Stacking. Thursday's had a technical issue which we solved JUST after the show…hence continuing into Friday.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 11, 2017

Busy week over here at PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments. We started off the week rounding out the "series" of videos using the Pearl-2. On Tuesday, Joseph covered creating custom white balance, and if you should use white or grey to get it right. A new GH5 arrived Tuesday afternoon, so Wednesday's show was an unboxing. Thursday was a test of the YouTube iOS app "go Live" function…with a bit of an Inception-like "stream within a stream". And on Friday, Joseph tried to show off macro extension tubes…but had a curveball thrown at him.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 10, 2017

Seriously? It's the 10th week of 2017 already? It was a busy week for PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments. Monday, he talked about Depth from Defocus (DFD) in relation to the LUMIX GH5. On Tuesday PhotoJoseph's assistant, Ryan, stood in as a model so Joseph could demonstrate how to shoot with one light. Wednesday's show was all about the Blackmagic Pocket UltraScope and Micro Studio Camera 4K. The last two days focused on the Epiphan Pearl-2 and it's capabilities. Thursday was the test…Friday's was streamed in 4K!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 9, 2017

PhotoJoseph came down with a case of the Jury Summons on Monday. Luckily, he recovered in a day and was able to get back to work. Throughout the week, PhotoJoseph released his GH5 test content. Tuesday's topic was talking about resolution…because it's something that everyone could use a refresher course on every once in a while. The middle of the week talked about Bit Depth and Electronic vs Mechanical Shutters. On Thursday, PhotoJoseph addressed a Cinema5D article that jumped the gun in blasting the GH5. And on Friday, he finally revealed to everyone which microphone he kept as a result on his microphone test.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 8, 2017

PhotoJoseph spent most of the week traveling outside of the studio. Following last week's surprise gift of playing with a GH5, Joseph traveled to Portland…then back home…then his flight was canceled and he had to drive all the way back to Portland. He spent a day down in Florida for a meeting with his fellow Lumix Luminaries where he learned even more about the GH5 to share with us. Once he was back in his studio, Joseph changed gears and got out some vintage lenses he bought to use with his GX85. And to end out the week, we had a photo submitted by Oliver Grau from Germany for PhotoJoseph to critique.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 7, 2017

This week was pretty basic. Not much happened here on PhotoJoseph's Photo Mome— wait, what? Joseph was sent a pre-production model of the GH5? For real?! This is the biggest week in the Photo Moments yet! It's been a lot of fun over here at Photo Joseph Studios. First, Epiphan sent him an $8K unit called the Pearl-2. Next, Joseph and friends went over to a client's facility to set up a budget broadcasting studio. Then, the GH5 fun started. It was used in/outside the studio…and we even took it to a skate-park. We also heard back from the budget broadcast client saying that everything works. All in all, a very full week.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 6, 2017

There was something for everyone this week on PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments. First, his wife found an old Pelican Case in their garage, and inside held a story from 10 years ago. Then, a young Indian photographer asked for a photo critique…and of course Joseph is willing to help out an aspiring photographer. The middle of the week had Joseph playing with a cool app from Panasonic that allows his to control his camera over WiFi. Thursday's was less-so tech-savvy and more-so about being people/customer-savvy. Ans then he ended the week with finally figuring out how to get the Blackmagic Pocket Ultrascope to work.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 5, 2017

Looks like the Photo Moments are back in the full swing of things. First, a viewer sent in some photos of his for Joseph to critique. You may remember from last week, there was a photo moment where the audio quality wasn't great. Well, PhotoJoseph found out what the issue was and shared the solution with us. Next, he showed us the Time Lapse function of the edelkrone SliderONE with shots he took in Oaxaca. Then, Joseph took us down memory lane and told us the story of how he was converted from being a "Full Frame Snob" to praising the church of Micro Four Thirds. And finally, Epiphan pushed out an update for their Webcaster X1…and it doesn't seem to have fixed the audio issues.

A Week in Oaxaca, Mexico

I've wrapped up a week+ in Oaxaca, Mexico with my partner in crime Eric Mindling, where we ran a cultural tourism photography workshop together. Here is a collection of my favorite photos shot on this tour.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 4, 2017

PhotoJoseph is back home in the cold from his trip to Oaxaca. Traveling with his equipment inspired him to talk about the best "Case Scenario". He showed us the pictures that he took, along with stories attached to them. Joseph also brought the edelkrone SliderONE with him down to Mexico, and seemed to have some fun testing it out. And to end out the week, Joseph's assistant, Ryan, brought in a lens kit for the iPhone.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 3, 2017

PhotoJoseph started his Photography Workshop on Saturday, January 14th down in Oaxaca, Mexico. They've been busy photographing the land and the people and enjoying the food…but they've without internet / a strong cell signal for most of this week, so the Photo Moments were a bit sparse.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 2, 2017

PhotoJoseph is getting ready for his trip down to Oaxaca, Mexico this week. There were some questions about travel photography. Plus, a new toy arrived…just in time to take it with him on the trip. Now, PhotoJoseph is trying to figure out how to stream the Photo Moments to YouTube while he's down there, so he's downloaded some third-party apps and is testing them out.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 1, 2017

After hiatus from holidays and sick-days, PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments is back to start off 2017. Along with your regularly scheduled tutorials, we also have an analysis of the new GH5 that was announced. 2017 is off to a great start!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 51, 2016

Tis the week before Christmas, and all through the studio, not a mic left un-tested, and no line read too slow. We tested indoors and out, with laughs in between, and cursed at the Senal… whose light did not glow green. 

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment, Week 50, 2016

What an exciting week! PhotoJoseph ventured to New York city to give a presentation to B&H Photo. Watch him prepare for his presentation, explain the ins and outs of LUMIX wireless flash photography methods, and answer view questions. 

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment, Week 49, 2016

This week, PhotoJoseph focused in on product reviews, updates, and DIY photography tips. This is a great time of the year for exciting new updates and ambitious gear projects!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 48, 2016

Photography is the adventure that never ends. Follow PhotoJoseph into an underground bakery in Tbilisi, Georgia, through a discussion on crop factor, RAW iPhoneography, Blackmagic broadcast cameras, microphones and more!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 47, 2016

It was a short and sweet sort of week over here at PhotoJoseph Studios due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. But we made time to properly mourn the loss of Casey Neistat's famous Youtube vlog and discuss B&H- funded product reviews!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 46, 2016

This week we explored composite photos for interior design photography, lens comparisons for portraiture and capturing landscapes, and the beauty of convenient camera accessories. And to top it all off, we hosted the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters Meeting on Friday morning for a special live edition!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 45, 2016

This week's Photo Moments covered a wide range of topics, including a behind the photo on nighttime architectural photography, client delivery, iPhone screen capture and iPhone tethered shooting, plus a behind-the-production for recently released DxO videos.

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