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PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 13, 2018

Hey. Things are back to normal! See, I told you it would all be okay in the end. Welcome back to a full week of how things are supposed to go with the Photo Moments.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 12, 2018

ZZZZZZzzzz  ZZZZZZzzzz  Huh?! Oh, we're doing this. It's spring-time, you can come out of hibernation now. Let's get back into the swing of things.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 11, 2018

"Spring is here. A-suh-puh-ring is here. Life is skittles and life is beer." (10 Points to anyone who knows that song). It just doesn't really feel like spring yet. It's been cold and wet and… oh wait. There's a similar story to last week.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 10, 2018

Sooo… uhhh… there isn't really much to update you on. Joseph is out of town still, (Read As: out of the country), and doesn't show any signs of wanting to come home early. You're all probably in PhotoJoseph withdrawal at this point, especially since there was only one short video this week. Hang in there! It's all going to be okay!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 9, 2018

Is it spring yet? One day will be warm-ish… the next it goes back down to around freezing. Wonder how it is in Slovenia this time of year 🤔… (we'll get to that later). How was everyone's week?

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 8, 2018

Oh Man! That week was all over the place with just as much to show for it. If you were following along with the videos this week, you got more than you bargained for.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 7, 2018

We had snow in Ashland! It's a few weeks until spring and we're just getting a noticeable covering of white on the mountains… go figure.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 6, 2018

Week 6 already? This year is moving right along! And as I mentioned in last week's update, it's an odd February here for us in Southern Oregon. Flowers are coming up and the air is warming… it honestly feels like April, (well, a New England April).

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 5, 2018

How was everyone's week? Are you enjoying your Saturday so far? It's a gorgeous weekend here in Southern Oregon, (It's the beginning of February and we have mid-60s forecast for all next week… something's not right, but we're not complaining).

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 4, 2018

How was everyone's week? It's been a very busy (and COLD) one here at PhotoJoseph Studios. There was always something to be doing, even if we were going LIVE or not. So, in the theme of the week: Let's dive right in!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 3, 2018

How was everyone's week? The weather in Southern Oregon couldn't make up its mind… in mid January! It got up to 68° on Wednesday! Spring almost came early this year, but the harsh winter cold came back with a wet, soggy vengeance that had us going back inside to the studio.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Weeks 1 & 2, 2018

Happy New Year! You're all probably wondering where we went. We're normally really good about getting this blog out to you all, but we've actually been quite busy here at PhotoJoseph Studios that time just ran out last week. With that in mind, let's get everyone up-to-date on everything that's been happening here.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 50, 2017

I know there's supposed to be 52 weeks in a year, but this is most likely the last blog-post for the year. PhotoJoseph originally planned to not even come in this week… but since his kids don't wake up until mid-day, he figured a few live shows would use that down-time wisely.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 49, 2017

Woah! 5 videos this week? (not counting the Live Training). I haven't seen a blog post this full in a while. Well, that's because PhotoJoseph is keeping himself busy while it is freezing cold here in the studio. Gotta keep moving… or at the very least, focused on the work as to not focus on how cold it is.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 48, 2017

It was an irregular week here at PhotoJoseph Studios. We're starting to feel the fact that we're closing in on the end of the year. Schedules are all over the place. Speaking of which, this week's videos didn't follow our normal broadcast schedule at all.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 47, 2017

Ok, you know how I said it was a mild week last week? I should never comment on the weather again because I jinxed it… it got really cold over the course of this week! That doesn't mean we're hibernating just yet.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 46, 2017

Oh man! That Turkey was delicious! Now to go for a hike (or two) to work off that feast. Luckily it's been mild this week in Ashland.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 46, 2017

If I close my eyes, I can already smell the turkey. Waiting another few days is already getting difficult. To our non USA audience, you'll just have to experience an American Thanksgiving some time to fully understand why a person has dreams of that meal. I better stop talking about it… what's the topic again? Oh right!

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