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Hong Kong – A Foodie Tourist’s Travel Guide

Hong Kong is quite simply one of my favorite cities in the world. It's diverse and dynamic, exciting and exotic, sensual and surreal, delicious and delightful… I could go on and on and on. And in fact, I do! This post is full of tasty treats, so jump on in and have a nibble.

Using 2nd-Curtain (Rear Curtain) Flash Sync with Studio Strobes and Canon Cameras

Rear curtain sync, or having the strobe fire at the end of a long exposure, is the desired way to capture long-exposure motion 99% of the time when using a strobe. Unfortunately it's not so easy to do if you are using studio strobes—but it is possible.

Interviewed on the Indie Travel Podcast

I was recently interviewed by Craig Martin of the Indie Travel Podcast, talking about my trip to Vietnam, the trend towards smaller, lighter cameras, iPads, and more!

Fogged In

A little fog on a winter evening should never slow down your wine tasting… unless of course it's to make a few photos along the way!

Mercedes-Benz Social Media Shoot

I was part of a team shooting for Mercedes-Benz for their social media marketing in New York and Los Angeles for a week. We had an absolute blast and made some killer photos along the way!

New Video Collection

I didn't realize how many videos I'd had my hands on until I started pulling together a list for a potential client… and now have quite the assembly here on this site!

Article in Russian "Voyage" Magazine

An "interview" of sorts with me is in the current issue of the Russian "Voyage" magazine. It's a bit about me, and a lot about editing techniques, tips, and so-on. The published article is a dramatically shortened version (in Russian of course) of what I submitted, so I'm sharing my unedited original response (in English!) here.

Photography for Rogue Valley Homeopathy

Photography for local business Rogue Valley Homeopathy with John Ourant

Kattywampus VIP Entrance & Photo Booth Pictures

For those in Ashland, last Saturday was the big Kattywampus Circus Spectacular put on by the Curious Conspiracy. I was the photographer there at the VIP entrance and with the photo booth, and all those photos are now online! Check 'em out here…

The Sculpture Series; 5 through 8 of 8

These are the last four of eight images for my gallery show, "Sculpture".

The Sculpture Series; 1 through 4 of 8

These are four of eight images for my next gallery show, "Sculpture".

The Leica S2 on the Oregon Coast, part 3

This photo is almost straight out of camera; very minor adjustments were made to it. While this image shows some of the impressive capabilities of the Leica camera, it may also show some weaknesses. I wonder what you think…

The Leica S2 on the Oregon Coast, part 2

When one whispers to horses, they whisper back. No not really… but if the horses are friendly they will come right up and say HI! HI!! HI!!!! and not give you quite the casual horses-in-the-field photo you wanted. But in this case, the Leica S2 proved it's worth and delivered a gorgeous image.

The Leica S2 on the Oregon Coast, part 1

A shiny new Leica S2 + the Oregon coast in winter = a beautiful, beautiful combination! I'll be posting a series of photos from this trip, talking about the camera, the process, the comparisons, and anything else I can think of. 

Snapseed has seen some recent changes that is quickly making it one of my favorite iOS apps for playing with photos!

Mercedes SLS in Köln

Having a really, really nice (and expensive!) Mercedes at our disposal against the backdrop of Köln (Cologne), Germany is always loads of fun.

Photography for Plaza Inn & Suites at Ashland Creek

I photographed the Plaza Inn and Suites at Ashland Creek for Groupon, but then took the photos and applied a much more intense HDR treatment to them for my own personal use. Take a look at how they came out, and what I learned along the way!

Fuji X100 Exposure Inaccuracies

I've been having some really odd issues with my Fuji X100 since… well, since I got it over a year ago. I finally ran some tests and concluded that it's not the camera's meter as I always suspected, but actually the camera is shooting a different exposure than what it's reporting. Check it out!

Fall in Ashland, Oregon
It's that glorious time of year when impossible colors abound in the trees and on the ground around us. Welcome to Fall in Ashland.
Halloween in Ashland

For the second year in a row, I spent Halloween in my hometown of Ashland, Oregon photographing the revelers dressed in their midnight best. This year, I posted all photos for free on facebook for anyone who was there to tag and grab. What a blast!

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