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PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 48, 2016

Photography is the adventure that never ends. Follow PhotoJoseph into an underground bakery in Tbilisi, Georgia, through a discussion on crop factor, RAW iPhoneography, Blackmagic broadcast cameras, microphones and more!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 47, 2016

It was a short and sweet sort of week over here at PhotoJoseph Studios due to the Thanksgiving Holiday. But we made time to properly mourn the loss of Casey Neistat's famous Youtube vlog and discuss B&H- funded product reviews!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 46, 2016

This week we explored composite photos for interior design photography, lens comparisons for portraiture and capturing landscapes, and the beauty of convenient camera accessories. And to top it all off, we hosted the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Greeters Meeting on Friday morning for a special live edition!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 45, 2016

This week's Photo Moments covered a wide range of topics, including a behind the photo on nighttime architectural photography, client delivery, iPhone screen capture and iPhone tethered shooting, plus a behind-the-production for recently released DxO videos.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 44, 2016

Headed to Adobe MAX for the week! Check out exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of the conference.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 43, 2016

Here at PhotoJoseph Studios, we spent the better part of the week talking about… gear! Spider Holsters, tripod dollies, and travel tripods — oh my! 

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 42, 2016

This week we answered viewer questions, went behind a decade-old photo, and had a live interview with the founder of Backlit Box.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 41, 2016

Sometimes, the photo you set out to make isn't the one you come home with — and that's perfectly fine! Come hear that story and many more in this week's collection of Photo Moments.

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 40, 2016

This week at PhotoJoseph Studios we tackled viewer questions, reviewed favorite photo apps, and celebrated Breast cancer survivors with an in-depth look at Joseph's collaborative book project, "Beauty After Breast Cancer", and took a look at a new product, the LensShifter.

Update Your LUMIX GX85 for In-Camera Focus Stacking

The LUMIX GX80/GX85 cameras just got a new firmware update (version 1.1) giving them, among other features, the ability to focus stack in-camera. This means you no longer need Photoshop to create impossibly focused close-up images!

My New Orleans LUMIX GX85 Photos Printed at Photokina!

How cool is this… some of my LUMIX GX85 photos were on display in a BIG way at Photokina!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 38, 2016

This week, we take a first look at RAW shooting on the iPhone using Lightroom Mobile… have a great conversation / interview with photographer Christopher Briscoe… go behind the scenes on the LUMIX LX10 spot we did… learn about the wide variety of lenses photographers use… and hear about my first week with the iPhone 7 Plus!

Panasonic LUMIX LX10 San Francisco Shoot

Last month my production team headed to San Francisco to shoot a video about the new Panasonic LUMIX LX10 camera. The camera was just announced at Photokina, and the videos released. Here's a little peek into production, the videos themselves, and a wrap-up video we probably wish we could take back…

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, Week 37, 2016

Go behind the scenes of a commercial product video shoot… watch a conversation with photographer and author Eric Mindling… and see the unboxing of the iPhone 7 Plus!

PhotoJoseph's Photo Moments, week 36, 2016

This week's Photo Moments include simple audio tips for video shooters, an explanation of lens flare and how to control it, and a lesson on how to configure the Teradek VidiU Pro for Facebook Live streaming.

PhotoJoseph’s Photo Moments

I got really good at writing a regular blog post on here for a while… but then I started a new video thing called "PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment" and started to neglect this blog! Silly me. Check out all the videos you may have missed…

New Orleans with the Panasonic LUMIX GX85

The big production I did for Panasonic in New Orleans on the new LUMIX GX85 is finally out… and I couldn't be more excited. Also, Live Training is alive, and a new podcast is born!

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; A lot has been released in the last two weeks!

Not the busiest of weeks but two projects from months past were recently released. Plus, a discussion working for free. Eek!

PhotoJoseph's MONTH+ in Review; DxO, A Secret Shoot, and WPPI

It's been a while since my last post, mostly because I couldn't talk about what I've been doing! I still can't share everything, but if I don't catch up now, this will never happen…

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