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PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; San Francisco, St. Louis, Panasonic, and more

Shooting in San Francisco, Ashland and St. Louis, producing content and videos, and introducing new LUMIX technology!

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; Calm Before the Storm

More in the studio (shocking, I know), a Beauty After Breast Cancer interview, a new DIY Photographer video on, and prepping for a very busy next two weeks!

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; Live Broadcasting is Hard

The live broadcast room is (almost, so very almost) ready! I ran some successful tests this week, and while there are quality issues I still need to address, I'm ready to get to work.

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; The Recording Studio

Last week was relatively quiet, focusing almost exclusively on the recording studio.

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; DxO Videos in the Studio, PhotoPlus Expo New York

It was the week of PhotoPlus Expo in New York, so I have a few things to share from there. Overall a great trip and a great show!

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; Photos Extensions, DxO and, BABC book preview, and green screen adventures

This week included a lot of script writing, reviewing, and planning for and DxO Labs. I got to see a test print of the "Beauty After Breast Cancer" book, we nearly finished the recording studio, and a new "DIY Photographer" video was released!

PhotoJoseph's Week in Review; Adobe MAX, Photos training, RAW HDR panos, petitioning Lightroom and a big green wall.

I'm trying something new here… a "week in review", journal of sorts, to collect what I've been working on all in one place.

Recording More DIY Photographer Videos at

I'm at this week recording a new round of videos for "The DIY Photographer" series.

Selfie Portraits on Times Square

A collection of portraits of people making portraits in Times Square…

The 5DayDeal is back!

It's back, and it's bigger than ever. Just click through to see what you'll get, what you'll save, and who you'll help!!

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