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Photos and Website for Liquid Assets Wine Bar

Liquid Assets Wine Bar is a local business I had the fortune of shooting all new image for – and redesigning their website – this year. I love how it came out, and hope you do to!

I don't always use a camera strap, but when I do, I use Lance Camera Straps

Lance Camera Straps are my new favorite for those rare occasions when I actually want something hanging off my shoulders. This is a beautifully designed, comfortable, and very practical camera accessory.

The ThinkTank StreetWalker HardDrive Camera Backpack

Finding a big bag for small mirrorless cameras is a challenge. Most mirrorless bags are built on the assumption that you only want to carry a body and a couple of lenses, and maybe an iPad. Most big bags are designed for dSLR gear, meaning the lens holes are way too big and way too deep to safely accommodate the small mirrorless gear. In this article I'll talk about the ThinkTank StreetWalker HardDrive, which is a great (big) bag that leans towards smaller for the mirrorless set, but isn't exactly right. However, ThinkThank just announced the new Perception line, which may well be the perfect new bag. I've attached the press release on that at the end of this piece.

Fiilex LED Lights… a New Experience

Using LED lighting is a new experience for me. I'm just getting started, but check out a couple of real world uses I've put them to task for, and read about where I'm thinking of going with them next.

The 5 Day Deal… and Oh What a Deal It Is!

The "5 Day Deal" is the most incredible product bundle you'll likely every see. $2,000 in product for only $89, but for a (very, very) limited time. Don't miss this one…

New Training—Photography 101: Shooting in Low Light

I'm super thrilled to announce that my third installment of the Photography 101 series is now online at; "Photography 101: Shooting in Low Light"! Click through to see how you can watch it for free for up to seven days.

"Beauty After Breast Cancer" Project

The "Beauty After Breast Cancer" project is by far the most important thing I've ever pointed my lens to. Read about the project and learn how you can help make this book a reality.

My New Favorite Carry-Everywhere Camera, the LUMIX GM1

The LUMIX GM1 has become my new favorite carry-everywhere camera. Check out this post to read why I love it, what it can do, see loads of sample photos, and see what my preferred lens is for the thing.

Two fun DIY Macro Articles on

To help promote my new lynda course "Photography 101: Shooting Macros and Close-Ups" I've written two small DIY articles on enhancing macro photography at home for almost no money at all. Check 'em out!

"There's No Excuse for Bad Photography"… a new eBook

I've got a new eBook in the works! This one is written for non-photographers—really anyone with any kind of camera from smartphone to dSLR who simply wishes their photos turned out better. It's not ready yet… but it's coming soon.

Keeping Objects Square Using iPhone Compass App

Have you ever photographed something where you wanted the camera plane to be exactly parallel to the subject? The iPhone's own Compass app can help with that.

Self Portrait… Digital Meets Analog

Everyone needs a good photo of themselves for their bios, social media, or anywhere else where you're being represented. As a photographer, I think I need to have something clever. Something that stands out from the crowd…

Pulling 8 MP Stills from 4K Video on the Sonoma Raceway

Last weekend I shot some 4K video footage using the Lumix GH4 with the intent of extracting eight megapixel still frames from it. It's not easy shooting race cars, but when you do get it, it looks goooood…

Daedalus, Greeters, and a Ribbon Cutting!

Last week I had the official "ribbon cutting" for my photo studio, hosted the local Chamber of Commerce meeting, and turned a photo booth into an impromptu AIDS benefit photo shoot. Fun all around!

Anatomy of an Interior Design Composite

Often when we look at a well crafted photograph, it can be impossible to know just went into it, and as a client (or potential client), difficult to understand why a seemingly "simple" image can cost so much to create. In this video, I showed what went into the extensive composite that made this beautiful interior design photo possible.

Fútbol! The Global Sport, Even in the Rift Valley

Pokot children in Kenya, Africa, playing with a very worn out football. Shot in 2007 on assignment for a humanitarian organization.

Client Approval While on Location with LUMIX GX7 and iPad mini

The ability to not only preview images on a big screen, but create HDR composites, perspective correction and even sky replacement on the iPad makes the combination of a Micro Four Thirds camera like the Panasonic LUMIX GX7 and an iPad an unbeatable combination!

Sunset Photo; GX7 & iPad mini FTW!

A chanced-upon sunset at the last possible moment, a GX7 and iPad mini went into this lovely photo

Hong Kong – A Foodie Tourist’s Travel Guide

Hong Kong is quite simply one of my favorite cities in the world. It's diverse and dynamic, exciting and exotic, sensual and surreal, delicious and delightful… I could go on and on and on. And in fact, I do! This post is full of tasty treats, so jump on in and have a nibble.

Using 2nd-Curtain (Rear Curtain) Flash Sync with Studio Strobes and Canon Cameras

Rear curtain sync, or having the strobe fire at the end of a long exposure, is the desired way to capture long-exposure motion 99% of the time when using a strobe. Unfortunately it's not so easy to do if you are using studio strobes—but it is possible.

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