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What's this training all about?

This video training series includes over two hours of live-video training covering everything you need to know to get the most from your dSLR.

Training starts with topics as simple as how to hold and carry your camera, and teaches about the different camera modes like P, A or Av, S or Tv, and M. It goes on to explain what shutter speed and aperture mean, and how to use this knowledge to become a better, more creative photographer. It goes through many of the buttons that may be confusing on your camera, discusses the different focusing modes, and even gets into flash photography — starting with getting the most from your camera’s built-in flash, to add-on flashes and even using multiple strobes at once! There’s also a section on the three cornerstones of creative photography; perspective, angle and detail. Learn how to see the world in a different way, and improve your photography dramatically! Finally, there’s even a chapter on how to buy new camera gear.

What people are saying

Here are just a few of the accolades sent in by viewers on… 

 "Super inspirational. He is brilliant"
"I really enjoyed Joseph Linaschke's teaching style. Clearly knowledgeable and very comfortable as a teacher.  Joseph keep my attention."

"Mr Linaschke breaks it down bit by bit so it's great to understand. All the information was there without being completely bombarded with too much info."
"Presented very well, clear and easily understood . Full of examples and useful tips."
"Joseph was an excellent instructor. He gave information that fit a beginner level, but also would benefit an advanced user, without speaking down to you. I found this course to be very professionally done, and greatly appreciated the extra effort he made in editing and shooting the course so you can see the cameras and tools, and how he simulated the viewfinder action."
"Very fantastic and amazingly concise and useful ideas! Thank you very much!"
"Very very experienced and interesting guy, love his teacher style."
"Sorry to use the following expression but this course was f@@$#% great! One of the best courses on out there either for beginners or people like myself who studied with the old cameras, not digital."
"Great course for beginners. I learned quite a few tips and learned some things that I was doing wrong, or could do better. Very good presenter."
"Very helpful. I needed this tutorial in order to get started with a new SLR camera that my department purchased. The tutorial was complete right to the end with details. I now feel I can take the camera and start practicing and really begin to gain skills with the SLR camera."
"Super basic and so very easy to understand. Instructor used great examples. Best intro to digital I've ever seen. A MUST SEE!!!"
"Just the right amount of beginner knowledge without being either condescending or overwhelming"


How about some free samples?

Carry and Hold That dSLR Like a Pro: "Don't Be a Chimp!"

This is one of my favorite things to tell new dSLR owners… don't be a chimp! Watch this video to learn why (and what it means!)

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P is Not for Perfect: "Aperture Priority"

You know that mode dial with a bunch of letters like P, A or Av, S or Tv, and M on them? I'm here to tell you that P is not for "perfect", and more importantly what they really do mean. In this free video, learn what my most-used mode, Aperture Priority, is for.

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Settings in the Real World: "Changing Shutter Speed"

Learning what the settings do is just the first step; learning how to apply them in the real world is what really matters. In this free video, learn how changing your shutter speed can completely change the energy of a photo.

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Pushing Your Buttons: "Metering Modes"

There are a variety of metering modes in every dSLR. Some might have two or three or even more! In this free video, learn what the most common metering modes are for, and when to use them.

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Manually Controlling Your Autofocus: "Autofocus Point Selection Control"

This is one of the more advanced lessons in the series. It's often fine to let the camera pick the focus point for you, but if you want to truly control your camera, you'll want to tell the camera where to focus. This video explains the benefit of learning this capability in your camera.

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Flash Lights: "Size Matters"

It's true… bigger is better. The bigger your light source, the better the quality of light will be. This free video explains why in a way that you'll never forget!

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Changing Your Point of View: "Perspective"

One of the simplest ways to improve your photography is to simply change your point of view. In this free video, we look at the idea of changing perspective to make your photos more interesting.

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