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You're here to download "PhotoJoseph’s Five LIVE Streaming Solutions"… so let's get to it!

This guide will help you find the kit you need for live streaming, whether you want to spend as little as possible and stream from your phone, or build an entire production studio. I hope you find it useful!

What kind of streamer are you? 

#1 The iPhone’r

I just want to go live as easily as possible, spending little to no money.

#2 The Super Simple Small Solution

I'm willing to spend a little money to make my stream look better and have some more options, but I want it to be as easy as streaming from my iPhone.

#3 The Graduate

I get it… quality takes a little extra cost and effort. I'm willing to spend a bit more money — but not too much! — to really up my streaming game.

#4 The Run-and-Gunner

I want to take my live show on the road! I need a totally mobile solution that I can set up anywhere at any time.

#5 The Studio

Watch out, CNN. I'm building a studio with multiple cameras, epic lighting, and perfect sound! 

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