Packages can be arranged for nearly any reasonable budget, but these starting points will give you a good idea of what to expect when working with PhotoJoseph Studios.

Experiential Portraiture

Our experiential portrait packages fall under two options; half and full day experiences. With either one, the photographer Joseph and at least one assistant will spend the time with you and your family in a variety of locations, from the studio to your home, a favorite park or a drive to the coast, or anywhere that suits your desires. Imagine a beautiful day in your beautiful life where a professional photographer captures every moment, building a collection of amazing pictures to adorn your walls and fill your photo albums. This is the experience we provide!

Each session is in three parts; an initial meeting in your home or our studio where we can get to know each-other, discuss ideas and plan our shoot day. Then of course our day of shooting, and finally concluded with a reveal session where you'll join us in the studio to see your beautiful prints!

Each package includes a large collection of archival prints, with options to have any number of framed, ready-to-hang prints and photo albums created.

Half day experiences start at $1,400 and full day experiences start at $2,000.

Commercial Portraiture

If your business needs headshots of your employees, or you simply need a quick headshot for your business card and LinkedIn page, we can meet your needs.

Corporate packages start at $600 for up to six employees, and $50 per additional employee. Re-visits for new employees where we replicate the original setup are $250 for the first, and $50 per additional employee. These can be done in our studio, or at your place of business.

Individual headshots, completed in our studio, are $300.

Commercial Social Media Packages

If your business isn't on social media… you should be! It's statistically proven that photos generate far more interaction than text links, and research shows that posting at least once a day (and on some platforms up to five times per day!) will generate the most interest. Put those two things together and one thing is abundantly clear — you need photos!

We have social media packages ranging from $150 to $350 per month, on six month agreements. Depending on the package, with one or two visits to your business per month, we will generate a collection of photos that you can share on social media. These are not meticulously staged photos, but quickly generated images designed to look like you're casually sharing some aspect of your business — but shot by a professional, so you will of course be receiving excellent imagery. The base package provides enough images to share once per week, and the top package provides a daily image. Images created are licensed for social media use only, but individual images can be further licensed for broader marketing use if desired.

If you own a restaurant or cafe, retail store or consignment shop, or even any service based business, regularly posting images on social media can only help your business grow.


Events (business or personal) are priced at $150 per hour for the first three hours, then $100 per hour, with a two hour minimum, plus travel expenses. A second photographer (required for larger events) is $75 then $50 per hour.

PhotoJoseph Studios does not provide wedding photography services, but will happily refer you. We work with many wedding photographers starting at $1,500. Most wedding packages are $3,000 and up.

Small Business Photography

Every business needs a webpage and online or print advertising. Starting at $800, we will create a series of custom images for your use. These can be staged and lit, planned well in advance and incorporate models and props as needed. Images generated include a two year license for commercial use online and in print.

Large Business Commercial Projects

With clients including Panasonic, DxO Labs, Mercedes-Benz and more, we can tailor photography and video projects to suit any need. For examples of previous commercial productions, please visit our video page.

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