The Sculpture Series

This page provides a little more information about the photos currently on show at the Liquid Assets gallery in Ashland, Oregon. Tap each photo below to see it full-screen, and if on a mobile device, tap the white dot in the lower right corner to view the image's name, description, price, and current edition number available.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, please speak to anyone at Liquid Assets. If you are not in Ashland, please email me directly at

These prints are released as a limited edition of only five each. All images are printed at 40ʺ in their longest direction (so range from 40ʺ × 26ʺ to 40ʺ × 40ʺ) except for the two very-wide images, Valeria and Florentina, which are printed at 60ʺ wide. 

For more about the prints, including technical information for those curious, scroll down past the photos.

Technical Shooting Details

These photos were all shot on digital cameras. All but one were shot on the medium format Leica S2, a 36 megapixel camera, and one was shot on an infrared modified Canon 5D Mk II. 

Technical Editing Details

I have shared a lot of information about the process used to achieve the final look here, including publishing a narrated, highly-accelerated video of the start-to-finish editing of the image "Alessia". I have spread the information around multiple websites, but clicking here is a good place to start. In brief, each image was retouched and treated and scaled using Aperture, Photoshop, Nik Silver Efex Pro II, Perfect Portrait, Perfect Resize, and Photokit Sharpener II. All editing was done on a Mac.

Technical Printing Details

The images are printed on a metallic paper, which is then adhered to a 1/2ʺ slab of acrylic. Each edition will be unique in the imperfections inherent in such a mounting process. The prints weigh somewhere between 70 and 100 pounds each. For information on hanging one on your wall, see the "mounting" section below.

Limited Edition Availability

Each image is being released as a limited edition of only five. With the exception of artist test prints and a single, smaller model proof, there will be no more prints made of any of these images — ever. When purchasing a print, you will receive a signed statement to this fact, verifying the edition number you have purchased. An edition number is issued only upon payment.


If you are not local to the Ashland, Oregon area, arrangements can be made to ship a print anywhere in the world. Given the size and weight, it will likely be shipped freight. Shipping is not included in the purchase price. Please contact me for a shipping estimate if required. 


Given the size and weight of these pieces, mounting is a serious issue to consider.  The back of each print features a stainless steel brace system that is spot welded together at 5600℉ for ultimate strength. The top bracket is shaped as an inverted L, and a matching S-shaped steel mounting bar is included with each print for attaching to your wall. This S-shaped piece must be mounted into a stud in the wall, and the print simply cradles over the mounting bar.

More to the story

If you are interested in more of the background, both creative and technical, I released each piece one at a time over a series of a few weeks on one of my photography sites, If you start here, you will be able to jump through one by one and read the accompanying stories and data. 

More Questions?

Feel free to email me directly at with any questions you might have. If you are considering buying and would like to discuss the art in person, I will gladly meet you at the Liquid Assets gallery to discuss it.