Hi Scott,

Here's those photos we talked about. These are of course just very quick samples, shot in about five minutes in your store, but it's a small sampling of the kind of thing I can provide on an ongoing basis. 

I'm finalizing my packages for this now, but essentially the plan is to offer three packages (small medium big) to fulfill ongoing social media needs. If you want to update your Facebook, G+, Yelp, Instagram, whatever account on a regular basis, great photos is the key to grabbing eyeballs! And if you wanted to use the photos in print advertising as well, that will be an option. 

This gallery shows six photos, each in two formats — normal, and cropped square (for Instagram). If you were to contract with me, I'd deliver photos both ways, and share them in a method easy for you to download and share to your social networks.

I love feedback, and if you like the idea but would prefer photos in a different style, we can certainly do that.

And if you're not ready to do anything at this time but do like these photos, let me know and I'll send them in a way you can use them for free, as a little gift from me for entertaining my proposal :-)