Thank you for wanting to financially support "PhotoJoseph's Photo Moment", my LIVE YouTube show at The show is expensive to operate, and ad revenue from YouTube barely makes a dent in it. For the show to break even — and eventually profit — additional financial support is needed.

Value for value

A good friend of mine used the term "value for value", and that really resonated with me. Did you, the viewer, learn something of technical, logistical, or comprehensive value today? Did I save you time, or were you, dare I say, entertained? (Ok, that's a stretch!) If so, what financial value would you place on that? A dollar? Five, ten, twenty, a hundred? How much of your time was saved; how many things did you not have to try because of what you learned? If you can put a value on that, and share even part of that value with me, then you've just shared value for value. 

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There are many ways you can financially support the show and my efforts.


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Even small monthly contributions add up!



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