Luminar 3 with Libraries: Layers

Live Training Session 2007

Layers are a curious feature in Luminar, where they are very rarely needed. But let's see how you can use them, and where you probably shouldn't bother.

Duration: 00:36 hr
Included with membership

Luminar 3 with Libraries: Masking

Live Training Session 2006

Masking is a powerful way to control just where your adjustments are applied. And how they're handled is in many way a major advantage of Luminar 3.

Duration: 00:33 hr
Included with membership

Luminar 3 with Libraries: Library Workflow

Live Training Session 2001

One of the big new features in Luminar 3 with Libraries is… you guessed it… Libraries! Learn all about what they are, and how to get the most from them!

Duration: 00:51 hr
Included with membership

Luminar 3 with Libraries: Overview

Live Training Session 2000

The all new Luminar 3 with Libraries is here! Learn all about the latest version of Skylum's Luminar, including Libraries and the new AI Sky Enhancer tool.

Duration: 00:46 hr
Included with membership

Macphun Luminar Neptune; Out of This World Image Editing

Macphun’s latest release of Luminar, codenamed “Neptune”, is out of this world. With space-age tools, an all new Artificial Intelligence “Accent” filter, and masking flexibility that’s essentially universal, see why Luminar is one of the photo apps you’ll want in your mission to stellar photos.


Macphun Luminar, Editing Techniques

Live Training Session 608

Now that we know our way around Luminar reasonably well, let's have some editing fun! I selected a few archival photos to see what I could do with them.

Duration: 01:04 hr
Included with membership

Presets for Macphun's Luminar

PhotoJoseph's picture
February 28, 2017 - 12:00pm

Presets are always a fun way to get a lot out of a new app quickly, and a very good way to learn how the app works. Reverse engineering a preset you love can help you to understand how things work!


Macphun Luminar; Layers Masks

Live Training Session 607

Layers masks in Macphun Luminar are quite impressive, with layer and adjustment masks, linear, radial and brush tools, and automatic luminosity masks!

Duration: 00:48 hr
Included with membership

Macphun Luminar; Adjustments 4

Live Training Session 606

It's finally time to wrap up the last of the adjustments in Luminar; the surprisingly capable and robust image editor from Macphun!

Duration: 00:53 hr
Included with membership


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