SmugMug Integration

Live Training Session 025

SmugMug integration with Aperture came with the 3.5 release. This video goes through all the options, including many not-so-obvious things you need to know!

Duration: 00:17 hr
Included with membership

Understanding Image Resolution

Live Training Session 024

What’s a pixel, a megapixel, a DPI or a PPI? Learn that and a lot more in this very educational and technical video.

Duration: 00:34 hr
Included with membership

iOS 6 Workshop

(for previous version)

Note: This training is for iOS 6! Learn what you need to know to maximize your investment in your iOS device. If you use an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you may be surprised at just how many features are lurking beneath the surface.

Duration: 05:15 hr

Multiple Mac Workflow

Live Training Session 023

If you have multiple Macs that you use for Aperture, you won't want to miss this session, full of tips on how to make that Mac-to-Mac workflow as seamless as possible!

Duration: 00:37 hr
Included with membership

Live Adjustments

Live Training Session 022

In this session I edited a series of real world user-submitted images to demonstrate a live workflow.

Duration: 00:35 hr
Included with membership


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