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Nik SilverEffects creating Halo when using control point #1
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by Mary D
January 17, 2013 - 10:34pm

Hi: I JUST downloaded a trial version of Nik's SilverEffects Pro 2. I'm hoping someone can give me a tip on how to prevent a “halo” formation that I'm getting.

The image I'm working on is a tree against the sky. I am placing a control point on the tree trunk, and when I use the “mask” option, it appears to be getting all the fine branches of the tree (deciduous tree, no leaves) After I make adjustments, I notice that there seems to be a “halo” - a very fine silver line - all around my tree trunk. Doesn't seem to make any difference how I adjust the control point features, or where I place the point, the halo is still there. It's also there when I save and return to Aperture.

Any ideas on why this happens and what I might be able to do to eliminate it? Thank you in advance!

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