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  • Released: 2016/10/07
    1:02 hr

    Aurora HDR 2017; Overview

    Live Training Session 401

    Macphun's Aurora HDR 2017 is here and it's pretty sweet! This won't be a long series but it's more than a single sessions—so we're starting with an Overview

  • Released: 2016/09/27
    0:41 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Prints

    Live Training Session 215

    Printing is a beautifully thing. And fortunately, the Print module in Lightroom is pretty robust! Plus did you know you can use the Print model as a layout tool for your webpage?

  • Released: 2016/09/27
    0:37 hr

    Photos 2.0 What's New

    Live Training Session 304

    We explore the new features in Photos 2 on macOS Sierra and iOS 10 — in a planned, proper fashion. Unlike last week's “first look”, here we (mostly) know what to expect and to explore.

  • Released: 2016/09/22
    0:59 hr

    Photos 2.0 First Look

    Live Training Session 303

    This is a first look at Photos 2.0 on Mac OS Sierra and iOS 10! We start with a little tour of Mac OS Sierra to start, then jump into Photos on both the Mac and an iPad Pro. This is a first look, meaning it's a bit haphazard...

  • Released: 2016/09/15
    0:52 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Slideshows

    Live Training Session 214

    A slideshow is a great way to show off your best images. No, not a carousel-style, force your guests to watch every. single. photo. from your family vacation… I'm talking about dynamic, moving images with music and text and movies! 

  • Released: 2016/09/07
    1:11 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Books

    Live Training Session 213

    Who doesn't love a great big photo book in their hands? Don't let your pictures suffer in the dark just as pixels… bring them to life with a beautiful, tangible book!

  • Released: 2016/08/24
    0:35 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: People

    Live Training Session 212

    Did you like Faces in Aperture? Then you're sure to love People in Lightroom!

  • Released: 2016/08/19
    0:52 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Maps

    Live Training Session 211

    It's finally time to move on from the Develop module, and our first stop is Maps.

  • Released: 2016/08/10
    0:59 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Develop (5)

    Live Training Session 210

    This is the fifth and final video on the Develop Module!

  • Released: 2016/08/04
    0:50 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Develop (4)

    Live Training Session 209

    This is part four of the Develop Module!

  • Released: 2016/07/29
    0:41 hr

    Photos Extensions

    Live Training Session 302

    By popular request, we're revisiting Photos for OS X and iOS! It turns out that in the past several months, there have been LOTS of apps released with Photos for OS X Extensions support.

  • Released: 2016/07/25
    0:54 hr

    Lightroom for Aperture Users: Develop (3)

    Live Training Session 208

    This is part three of the Develop Module!



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