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  • Released: 2014/10/07
    0:58 hr


    Live Training Session 117

    I love Places! It’s one of my favorite features to play with in Aperture. Sure it has nothing to do with actually editing your photos, but there’s something about seeing them scattered around the globe as pins on a map that I just adore.

  • Released: 2014/09/24
    0:50 hr

    Open Q&A: Ask Anything!

    Live Training Session 116

    We hadn't done one of these in a while, so it was time… Adjustments are wrapped (at least all the main ones), so before moving on we got many outstanding questions answered.

  • Released: 2014/09/03
    0:51 hr

    Edge Sharpening, Chromatic Aberration control, and the Color Monochrome. Totally unrelated topics, but the next three adjustments we'll tackle in this Live Training session!

  • Released: 2014/08/26
    0:59 hr

    Adjustments; Dodge & Burn, Using Brushes

    Live Training Session 114

    Dodging and burning are as old as photo printing itself. It's probably safe to say it's the original photo editing technique! But do you know how to do it it in Aperture, and how Aperture's mask layers and brushes play together? This is the video to learn it all…

  • Released: 2014/08/11
    1:00 hr

    Adjustments; Retouching

    Live Training Session 113

    Aperture's retouching tools may not be the most powerful available, but you may be surprised at just how much you can do without having to jump into Photoshop.

  • Released: 2014/07/18
    0:54 hr

    Adjustments; Color and B&W

    Live Training Session 112

    In this session, we'll dive into the powerful Color tool as well as the, well, not-so-powerful B&W tool — but we'll still have a look at what it can do!

  • Released: 2014/07/09
    0:52 hr

    Adjustments; Curves

    Live Training Session 111

    It's time for Curves! One of the most powerful tools in any image editing arsenal, this one is not to be missed.

  • Released: 2014/06/19
    0:50 hr

    Adjustments; Levels

    Live Training Session 110

    This is the third video on adjustments, and in this one we cover the all-important Levels.

  • Released: 2014/06/04
    0:45 hr

    This is the second video (of many to come) on adjustments, and in this one we cover White Balance and Highlights & Shadows

  • Released: 2014/05/20
    0:48 hr

    Adjustments; Exposure and Enhance

    Live Training Session 108

    Adjustments include everything you do to make your photos look better, and this session kicks off the series with Exposure and Enhance.

  • Released: 2014/05/02
    1:09 hr


    Live Training Session 107

    In this video, learn how to use and get the most from Aperture's keywords!

  • Released: 2014/04/22
    1:02 hr

    Listener Questions

    Live Training Session 106

    Listeners are being asked to submit their toughest questions to ApertureExpert for this Live Training video. Submit your questions today!



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