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  • Released: 2018/02/14
    0:45 hr

    Apple Photos: Live Edit

    Live Training Session 1507

    This is a LIVE edit session! That's where I take some of youphotos and edit them live for all to see… it was really fun and educational!

  • Released: 2018/02/09
    0:33 hr

    Apple Photos: Adjustments in iOS

    Live Training Session 1506

    In this session we explore the (somewhat limited) adjustments in the iOS version of Photos, as well as explore several third party apps, and discuss what they do — and don't — offer when running as Extensions. 

  • Released: 2018/01/31
    0:52 hr

    Apple Photos: Curves

    Live Training Session 1505

    Have you ever wondered just how Curves work? Wonder no more… in this session we explore Curves in Photos — while not the most expansive Curves tool in the industry, it certainly can get the job done.

  • Released: 2018/01/25
    0:46 hr

    Apple Photos: Extensions

    Live Training Session 1504

    Extensions are like plug-ins for Photos — but they are a little bit different. Plus, we look at the new Edit With function in Photos 3!

  • Released: 2018/01/17
    0:52 hr

    Apple Photos: Adjustments 2

    Live Training Session 1503

    Moving on in adjustments, in this session we finish all the built-in adjustments and are next ready to head into extensions!

  • Released: 2018/01/12
    0:41 hr

    Apple Photos: Adjustments 1

    Live Training Session 1502

    It's time to start in adjustments! Photos 3 in macOS High Sierra has added some great new adjustments, and let's start looking at ALL of them.

  • Released: 2018/01/11
    0:18 hr

    Apple Photos: Import & Organize on iOS

    Live Training Session 1501a

    This is an add-on to the previous session, where we explore the import and organization capabilities on iOS specifically.

  • Released: 2018/01/10
    1:13 hr

    Apple Photos: Import & Organize

    Live Training Session 1501

    What import and organization capabilities are there in Photos today? Let's find out in this deep-dive into file management on Photos for macOS High Sierra.

  • Released: 2017/12/15
    0:56 hr

    Apple Photos: Overview

    Live Training Session 1500

    Apple Photos for macOS High Sierra is a significant upgrade from previous iterations… but is it enough? This series will explore Photos in depth, starting with this FREE overview session!

  • Released: 2017/12/05
    0:26 hr

    DxO PhotoLab: U Points

    Live Training Session 1401

    Remember Nik plugins? Of course you do… their U Point technology was second to none. Then Google acquired Nik, and sadly stopped development on the Nik plug-ins. But recently, DxO picked it up and has started incorporating U Point into their own apps! This is a look specifically at U...

  • Released: 2017/12/02
    0:58 hr

    Adobe Lightroom CC: Migration

    Live Training Session 1306

    So you've decided to migrate from Lightroom Classic to the new Lightroom CC. Are you sure? Watch this to understand what does — and doesn't — happen when you do.

  • Released: 2017/11/29
    0:19 hr

    Adobe Lightroom CC: Presets

    Live Training Session 1305

    Presets… we've been here before. Or, have we? It turns out that presets in Lightroom CC reveal a little secret hiding under the hood…



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