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  • Released: 2017/01/30
    0:57 hr

    Capture One Pro, Color Tab

    Live Training Session 504

    Capture One Pro has an extensive Color Tab and is one of the reasons people who love Capture One, do. Check out what's here, and what you may be missing!

  • Released: 2017/01/26
    0:48 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Layers Masks

    Live Training Session 607

    Layers masks in Macphun Luminar are quite impressive, with layer and adjustment masks, linear, radial and brush tools, and automatic luminosity masks!

  • Released: 2017/01/11
    0:53 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Adjustments 4

    Live Training Session 606

    It's finally time to wrap up the last of the adjustments in Luminar; the surprisingly capable and robust image editor from Macphun!

  • Released: 2016/12/20
    0:44 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Pluto Update

    Live Training Session 605

    Macphun just updated their Luminar app with a “Pluto” designation… why? I don't know… is it out of this world? Let's find out!

  • Released: 2016/12/12
    0:52 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Adjustments 3

    Live Training Session 604

    Luminar is the latest app from Macphun, packed with amazing adjustment tools from the simple to the “wow”. This is the third video on the adjustments.

  • Released: 2016/12/05
    0:40 hr

    Capture One Pro, Tethered Shooting

    Live Training Session 503

    Ever thought of shooting tethered? Capture One Pro is the industry standard. Once you see what it can do, you'll completely understand why!

  • Released: 2016/12/02
    1:05 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Adjustments 2

    Live Training Session 603

    Luminar is the latest app from Macphun and is packed with amazing adjustment tools, from the simple to the “wow”. This is the second video on the adjustments themselves.

  • Released: 2016/11/23
    0:55 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Adjustments 1

    Live Training Session 602

    Luminar by Macphun is packed with amazing adjustment tools, from the simple to the “wow”. In this first of a multi-part series, we dive into the adjustments one by one.

  • Released: 2016/11/22
    0:55 hr

    Capture One Pro, Migrating from Aperture

    Live Training Session 502

    Capture One Pro's Aperture importer is probably the best in the industry. Learn exactly what does — and doesn't — transfer over.

  • Released: 2016/11/14
    0:39 hr

    Macphun Luminar; Overview

    Live Training Session 601

    Luminar is the latest app from Macphun, and it's incredible! A very capable image editor that is guaranteed to please, with a awesome suite of editing tools

  • Released: 2016/11/11
    0:34 hr

    Capture One Pro; Overview

    Live Training Session 501

    Capture One Pro is a robust editing app and a viable Aperture replacement. In this session, we take an overview look at the entire app.

  • Released: 2016/10/31
    0:55 hr

    Aurora HDR 2017; Adjustments

    Live Training Session 402

    Macphun's Aurora HDR 2017 has a ton of adjustment options, and in this video we endeavor to explore them all, including HDR Tone Mapping and much more!



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