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Viewer Not Updating After Going to an External Editor or Plug-in? Try This…

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April 4, 2012 - 3:00pm

There’s an outstanding issue with Aperture that seems to come and go, but I’ve seen multiple reports on it since the 3.2.3 update so it appears to be back with a vengeance. The problem is when you use an external editor (i.e. Photoshop) or even a plug-in (i.e. Nik’s plugins) and round-trip back to Aperture, the thumbnail itself updates to reflect the changes you’ve made, but the image in the Viewer does not (that’s the big version of the photo you’re looking at).

Sometimes simply resizing the viewer makes it redraw correctly, but I’ve also seen that work, only to see the image revert again when the viewer goes back to the original size.

Clearing caches and rebuilding libraries doesn’t help, either.

So what works?

The latest theory is to simply enable then disable any adjustment brick. That’s it.

Try it out if you see the problem on your system and please report back here in the comments.

Apple Aperture

This has just started happening for me and is a big, big pain. The fixes you mention do temporarily update the preview, but nothing I do seems to fix it permanently. Frustrating to say the least.

It’s very lonely and cold these days being loyal to Aperture. I’m getting VERY jealous of all the LR4 chatter. Thinking if I don’t hear some support from Apple by June that I’m going to jump ship.

Anyone with me?

Sorry Phil, staying put. Watch out for that jump, the water could be cold.


Let me be clear - i WANT to continue to be an Aperture guy. Just need a lil’ love.


You got it Phil. Everyone on this forum wants to help you. And we don’t even know you. Now that’s love… of Aperture.


Encountered this and yes just changing a setting does kick it in to action, then just remove the setting after.

Not great on a 500+ wedding edit to be honest though.


Everyone I hear that is running Lr 4 is not happy. Grass isn’t always greener!

hehe love to see the Aperture support here. Yes, remember, no software is free of bugs.


— Have you signed up for the mailing list?

Fortunately, for reasons unknown, I was able to get it working again after conducting a repair disk permissions and rebooting. So far, so good.
However, the point is well taken that any software can have bugs. But to put out an update recently and NOT conduct appropriate quality control, certainly indicates Apple’s best engineers are not in the software division any more. Solid software and hardware IS the reason most folks switched to Apple from Microsoft.
And, it should be obvious to Apple that they have a problem but still have not issued an update to fix the problem they created. Sad, indeed.
Comes down to choices and there aren’t many professional applications of this nature to choose from. I certainly want to steer completely clear of any Adobe product.
In trying to be optimistic, I am trying to convince myself they haven’t issued a fix because they soon will release version 4!

In some ways I am glad to see these post as I was starting to wonder if it was just me. I have tried the various solutions but they seem just to be temporary and don’t stick long term. I have also tried to be faithful to Aperture but it seems at times it is really not a big priority for Apple. I think Aperture 4 will be very telling one way or another about where Apple plans on going with the product.

Interesting I stumbled on this today. This happened to me for the first time today after a Topaz adjustment. It isn’t doing it now but why does it happen to some but not to others of us?

Ken, I too try to avoid Adobe (I don’t like their business model and customer treatment) but what do you use when you need layers, HDR merge, etc.?

yes, this has been something that I have been pulling hair out wondering if it was something I was doing wrong. the entire external editor/plug in operation seems to be buggy for me.. sometimes my adjustments come back to aperture, sometimes they dont.

I too have been sticking with aperture, with LR4 and CS6 I wonder about simplifying my workflow.. hopefully aperture 4 will be out soon and it will give us something to gloat about. :)


Same boat (I think) here. Aperture suddenly started going all buggy with adjustments not showing up in the viewer (despite seeing the histograms change as I applied various corrections). As others above noted, sometimes deselecting then reselecting an adjustment seems to work. But it’s a hit and miss affair.


Aperture 3.2.4 is reported to fix this!! Woohoo!

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