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Will the September 10 Apple Event Be Good for Aperture?

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September 9, 2013 - 7:00pm

What do you think… are we going to see anything Aperture related tomorrow? I’ve received several emails with thoughts and rumors, but don’t typically like to post those things on the site. But here’s your chance to speculate… what’s tomorrow going to bring?

If you have a favorite live blog or feed that you’ll be following, feel free to share that below too.

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Well … iOS 7 appears to be doing something with iPhoto and Aperture is broken in Mavericks *if* you open your database with Mavericks vs of iPhoto … sooooo we know that there is at least an update on the way or it won’t work any more after public release. But aside from that. Gut feeling? We’re going to see Aperture X before year end. But, sadly I confess that I’ve been wrong before … many times … in the last year and a half. :(

I would love to see a new version of Aperture tomorrow, but I think its more likely to happen around the release of Mavericks.

My iPad mini will look different tomorrow… everything else? Hmmmm prolly not until mavericks - agree with Floyd - then again who the heck knows…



My EXTREMELY tame film emulation presets are LIVE - yea for me.


Ps. actually have some seriously good feedback so far.

Can’t imagine anything Aperture related before Mavericks.

Given the major changes/update to the Photos app, I have to wonder if both iPhoto and Aperture would also need to be updated to fully accommodate it’s new features.

I am hoping for a much improved Aperture before the end of the year. But, I am not sitting idly by waiting… have purchased Lightroom and have learned the essentials. If there is no commitment to improving Aperture I will simply move on. It is not that hard!!


I’m going to say YES, we will have new Aperture tomorrow. It’ll be part of tighter iOS device integration. Obviously, they’ve been working on it.

I wish I was as optimistic as Tim! I think that there will be a minor compatibility update to work with the new iOS photo app. The next version perhaps in the late fall with Mavericks as pointed by Floyd.

I don’t think we will see anything but a new iPhone and ISO updates. Chance are Apple will wait for the new Mac Pros or 10.9 update.

Gary Reed Photomedia

Yes. I mean, no. Oh, I don’t know.


Two new iPhones and iOS update today. Apple has done a Sept announcement on phones and an Oct announcement on other products in the past. Why release all at once. They get more pub with two announcements. As with many faithful Aperture users, I am hopeful that something of a major update/product will be announced soon. So I’m betting on a release to coincide with Maverick and wishing that an October event will reward us all!

Florian Cortese

I was a little disappointed we didn’t hear any significant news regarding the future of Aperture … though I really didn’t expect we would as I figured the iPhone would be the focus of the event … What did surprise me is there was no mention of the next iterations of the iPad … that has me thinking that we may see a big time announcement soon (or sooner rather than later) on a myriad of items … new iPads, updates for Macbook Pro , the new Mac Pro as well as the release date for Mavericks …

My fingers are crossed that there will be a huge October Fest emanating from Cupertino … ;-)

Over at DxO labs one of their manuals (I think for DxO v8) lists some plug in compatibilities as “Aperture 3 and 4”.


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