Several years ago I visited the Rift Valley in Kenya, Africa, spending two weeks with an orphanage and visiting schools around the valley, photographing the children for an aid organization. I found it a stark, desolate, and beautiful place.

This is one of my favorite Sunset photos I’ve ever made. To me, the beauty is in it’s simplicity. The image is almost comically postcard-centric; it’s a view we’ve all seen before. But the rich colors, the silhouetted Umbrella Thorn Acacia Tree, and the mountains in the distance make it an image I’ve returned to again and again.

Sunset in the Rift Valley, Kenya

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The recent blog format

I’ve been meaning to ask; what do you think of this new method of posting photos, where you can click to pop-up a larger view? Are any of you clicking on it, or are you getting what you want from the 800-pixel view as you see it above? I ask because while I really like it myself, it doesn’t give me the flexibility I had before of linking to my SmugMug gallery. I have been thinking about how to redo this blog, now that I’ve been posting (nearly) daily, and posting individual images instead of galleries.

I’d like to go back to the SmugMug galleries, but add each daily image into a single “blog gallery” one at a time. One of the key advantages is I can offer prints for sale through there (if any of you are interested). The problem though is if I post through SmugMug, it makes it harder to stage the releases days in advance since all the photos would be visible in the gallery before they are posted here.

Anyway I have to figure this out and welcome your input. I hope, by the way, that you’ve been enjoying these daily photos. Traffic is certainly up, which is nice to see :)